Monday, January 17, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

January 17th - 23rd
This is the meal plan for a frugal cook from scratch family. We are a Christian Homeschooling Family of 7 (4 girls & 1 boy).

Tip: Have a plan. That way you do not have to think about what's for dinner.

Monday – Le Madeline's Tomato Basil Soup, grilled cheese sandwich
Tuesday – Fried Chicken, (df) mashed potatoes, corn, (df) rolls
Wednesday- Beans, Rice & Cornbread
Thursday- Chicken Strips (make 3x as much as needed to freeze),  waffle fries, broccoli
Friday -Bean & Cheese Burritos with corn
Saturday - Honey Curry glazed chicken, sweet potatoes, peas and rolls(double batch freeze 1/2)
Sunday (CHURCH FELLOWSHIP)– Split Pea Soup, macaroni & cheese

May the Lord bless your kitchen this week!

df = defrost frozen
NGC= No Guesswork Cookbook listed in the back of the Duggars book 19 & Counting

1 comment:

Dani Thaxton said...

I love your meal plans! I have always made a menu but never written down what meals go on what days. After reading your plans, I started doing that (been doing that for two weeks now). It has been so great every morning looking at my plan and knowing what is for breakfast and supper! Thanks for the idea!

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