Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Large Family Homeschooling: History

"Evaluate the things that you are using that are causing the most teacher-work and ask if it's worth it or if there is possibly another available option that can do the same thing in a better way."
 Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman

In case you are unaware we are a family of 5 we have 3 children that are currently school age and twins who are almost 8 months old (we are trying to adopt). I knew I would spend a lot of time with the babies and at the start of this year I knew the Charlotte Masony Unit Study Method I loved was going to have to go to the wayside. Simply because babies can't wait. Although Christian Light has been able to take the place of other planned curriculum's I was not thrilled about their History (Social Studies) program.  Since then I have spent some time looking for a Christian Self Instructional work text for history and here is what I found....

Our Christian Heritage

This program is more pricey then Christian Light but I really like how this books aim is to show the hand of God in the events of man. This book also incorporates geography, government, patriotism and history. For more information about this curriculum you can go to their website:

 Teacher's Binder is $42 (I found it on http://www.homeschoolclassifieds/ for $8ppd) 
Student book is $12.99.

Once it arrives I'll review it and spend a week planning it out. Since the 2nd grader is an avid reader I will pick 2-4 novels from the Sonlight curriculum for her to read along with the work text. After I have used this text for a while I will write a review of it and let you know what I thought, because I could not find any reviews of it on online.

Finally, I really just want to share that the Lord has used my journey into 'textbooky' curriculum as a way to sharpen and refine me. I've had to die to self as far as what I want and do what is best for my family and ultimately for me. May the Lord continue to sharpen you as you move forward in your homeschool journey too.

Be encouraged you are the right teacher for your little ones!

EDIT: We used this curriculum for a year and we no longer use it. Although my dear daughter was able to finish a lot of pages it just wasn't right for our family. We are moving on to a more Charlotte Masony type curriculum for History. We are continuing in Textbook/Classical style curriculum for the majority of our subjects.

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