Friday, March 07, 2008

What's happening on the homestead....

Yes you are another contestant on Name That Farm! ....

We need help naming the farm. We are pitiful, sorrowful not creative pathetic etc... Here are the names we have:
  • McVay Farms
  • Glory Farms
  • Glory Acres
  • Hallelujah Homestead (from Lynsey @ yonderway farm cool is that name!)
  • Boondocks (My Dad)
  • Bacon and Eggs Farm(Wayne)

Now is not the time to lurk, now is the time to act! Please comment if you have any name that may possibly be acceptable please I beg of you comment. What it looks like we are going to offer is the following: organic herbs, free range chicken & eggs, acorn finished hogs & baby hogs, overflow veggies, oak bbq firewood. Most likely all business will be done off of a website so we need a cute, cool, totally fun, us, type of name. And of course a place of constant meals & lodging for friends and family we'd really love to have a "Country Day" for inner city kids or bring kids out to see where their food comes from (You know however God directs us those are my ideas his may be different!).

Update on the Homestead happenings.........

Grandparents visit- My parents were in town Monday 25th - Saturday 1st and we had such a wonderful time. They even purchased the kids a super cool swing set that may take Wayne the next 5 or so months to put together! by the visiting grandparents is being built by the wonderful Mr. McVay (That is why I was working on the chicken coop). Grandma even helped me roof the chicken coop. Surprisingly, she was not in high heels at the time (Truly that is a miracle).

One of our favorite days each week Julie & Brandi (and sometimes Fernando) Mondays! Thank goodness they were faithfully here,this Monday because they were able to drop me off at the Rock Prairie Kroger's so I could drive my poor exhausted parents to the house which as my Dad noted is "in the middle of nowhere". Of course, we aren't in the middle of no where, the middle of no where is next door!

Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.1 Peter 4:9

* The chicken Coop - The name of our coop is the 'Coup Deville" (named by my man!) The chicken coop is almost done. I roofed it this weekend (yes, you read that correctly!) Now we are just adding the chicken wire and the nesting boxes and we are done & ready for chickens. Halei is our first chicken! But she refuses to lay eggs!

The shed- is 1/8 painted and 95% done.

The 5th wheel- Still not sold.

Herb Garden - We planted the herb garden by the front door we have rosemary, basil, parsley, mint, chives and a strawberry bush. I know a strawberry bush is not exactly an herb but I couldn't help myself. I love using fresh herbs when I am cooking, I totally feel like Martha Stewart when you go outside to get some of your ingredients. The Family Herb Garden is planted! In fact just this morning I went and grabbed some oregano & parsley for our breakfast burritos. I am looking foward to getting the eggs from the hen house soon!

Garden - We are starting seedlings for the Fall Garden. I have picked the veggies we will be growing and I am going to order some seed catalogs. I am really reading "Tiny Farm Blog" so I can grow my veggies organically. The kids love to go out in the garden and eat the food straight off the vine. We will have mushroom compost delivered in April for the Spring garden. Our main garden is going to be expanded and moved. We need to expand it to at least 90x90 to feed our family and to have a little extra. So over the next 6 months - year we'll be working on this project. Then the current garden will be used as a berry patch. It is apx. 25X25.

Snake Killing: Copperhead on Saturday...booyah!

That's all for now for the McFarm & Ranch Report....

Hey, when are you coming out to the country, seriously when?


5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Hallelujah Homestead, of course!

We are soooo excited for you guys.

I love country life.


BHG & Co. said...

Howdy McVays!

Sorry, I have no suggestions for your farm name. Just wanted to say I liked your "popular authors I don't read" section.

If I think of any naming options, I'll come back.

Garratts said...

What are you asking for the 5th Wheel?

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