Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lions, tigers and snakes ...oh my!

When I moved to the country it did not include snakes. It included the quiet country living, chickens,trees, coyotes and long lazy days with the kids.
Well, today we had another encoutner with what I was sure was a water mocassin sitting in the grass. Peyton was walking towards me and I told her to stop and went running into the house to get the 12 guage shot gun.
Again trying to get my game face on I breathed heavily and hit the thingy you must press to bring the thing down to get the bullet in the chamber and then I removed the saftey and shot! Well that thing disappeared and I could not find well by now Wayne (home sick) is outside. I guess it's somewhat alarming when a woman in an apron comes running into the house grabs a 20 gauge shotgun and runs out.
Well we can't find the thing and now I'm thinking this great now we have a mad snake somewhere on the property. Finally, Wayne located the snake in the tree and talked me through shoting it. So 'Annie get your guns' aka Kyle shot a snake out of a tree. Protecting my child from certain doom!
FYI it wasn't it water mocassin DH thinks it was a black racer....but it could have been the famous Texas Cobra!
Rooster Hill


5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Girlfriend! That is amazing. I love the whole entire image of a woman in an apron blowing up a snake. Awesome!

We haven't seen any around here yet, but I know the time is a comin'!

We have 3 litters of kittens if you need some. I really think they help with our snake population tremendously!


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

You go girl!!!

Thingy is the technical term for safety right?

So funny.

Three Little Monkeys said...

Wow! Just yesterday, a snake slithered into our garage. What did I do? Close the door to the attic and shut the garage door to trap it, then call my husband and tell him about it! I don't do snakes, no matter how harmless they are!!

Just a reminder, do we want to try to start a coupon exchange?


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