Thursday, April 02, 2009

Creative Christian Homemaking Monthly: April

I am not a naturally creative person and I love to see what other people are doing. I have been very inspired in my homemaking by friend Mrs. H at Heritage School House, my friend Kim at Bearing Benavides and the lovely woman at There's No Place Like Home. This is really the only way I am able to gather ideas of things I might try at my home.
Well, the baby blanket is nearly complete on Friday I will learn what to do with the loose threads and it will be ready for delivery! I am headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up yarn for the next baby blanket I will start this weekend. I will probably make 3 -4 of these by August. I just have a bunch of baby having friends!
Another project that was competed this month were the porch chairs. These were given to us by our friends the Franks. They were plain white replica's of the the mid-century chairs.
1. We did not sand blast these chairs because we do not have the equipment to do so. Instead they were cleaned and dried.
2. Then I papered the arms because all of the pictures of these chairs I have seen the seat & back are always a different color from the arms.
3. Then I applied a can and a half of Wal-Mart's red spray paint ($1.18 per can) in my favorite! I think I did about 3 coats of paint on each chair.
4. The final step is back to the porch with a couple of pillows. I am thinking about getting some Mary Engelbreit 'cherry' themed fabric to recover the green pillow. I love all the things that she does so cheerful! Maybe, next month I'll paint the table black.....But for now I think it's a pretty nice and very economical update for our front porch!

I love these sort of projects where you take something that is free and breath new life into it. The total cost for those chairs was $3.84.
I do not know if I will get any projects done this next month as we are building animal houses & fencing the garden so perhaps you'll see a picture of a red garden fence next month....
I really hope this Monthly post inspires you to "be busy at home" to take what you have and to remake it into what you need. Or to take some yarn, thread, fabric or paint and create in your home....
And now I can't wait to see what projects are you working on in your Creative Home....


Mrs. H. said...

Yay - I got to see the baby blanket in person today! :-) It is just beautiful!

And what a neat job you did on those chairs - wonderful! :-)

I really like this Creative Homemaking Monthly idea. I love that I've met someone that enjoys homemaking as much as I do!

I'm missing being able to chat with you at co-op this spring since our schedules are opposite!

Hope you have a great weekend! :-)

Miss Hannah said...

Right on Kyle!

I love the baby blanket!=) You did a wondereful job on it.:D

So, I see you have become Miss Creative! Those chairs look wonderful on your porch.

We sure did enjoy our time with you guys Sunday evening! I liked your dog stories!lol.
Miss Hannah

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