Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ruthless Decluttering & a year of organizing!

This year I have found the new skill I am going to hone. Which is getting more organized! Right now we are in the process of Decluttering . Our ruthless Declutter & organizing right now involves three bins next to my bedroom door & one pile on a cabinet:
  1. To return items we have borrowed from other people. We have an abundance of borrowed baby items right now and I am really concentrating on getting these things back to folks as soon as we are done using them. Especially since several of the wonderful ladies that loaned us these items are pregnant again! :)
  2. Items that need to go to the upcoming garage sale - When I find something I have not used in a year I immediately put it into the garage sale tote.
  3. Items to go to the dump in a black trash bag - these are broken items that I do not believe someone could fix.
  4. I pile up books to sell at half price books on top of a little cabinet next to the other 3 piles
  5. Homeschool books for sale are in a pile in my computer desk . they are being sold on & E-bay.
I have not had to schedule a time into my day or week to concentrate on decluttering. I do it as I am going through my day and as I run across items I toss them into the appropriate receptacle. This has been wonderful because there is no time in my day during the homeschool year to work on little projects.

It has been amazing how much stuff I have gotten out of cabinets off tabletops, desks &
pianos! It is wonderful to have cleared off counters, cabinets and desks. Now that I have a place to put the things I want to get rid of, I am beginning to feel the return to an organized life.

I have also decided to re-read some Emile Barnes Housekeeping books, Duggars chapter on organization, Large Family Logistics and  participate in Orgjunkies 52 weeks of Organizing!
I hope you are inspired to pick up a new skill each year!


Jill said...

I've really been in declutter mode too! I've tackled two problems that have always caused me plenty of trouble. I am washing all our clothes (one load: color sorting is overrated) the morning after they're worn and then family members are putting them away. I'm going through mail the day it comes in and shredding with abandon. AND I've gotten all our financial papers in order. A task that was long over due! I'm also cleaning out closets, drawers and cabinets when time allows. Feels GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your journey!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your journey!

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