Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting Ready for Soccer Season (or whatever sport you kid plays): Large Family Logistics

As I am working my way through Large Family Logistics I have been reminded of how smoothly our life ran when I was more organized and thus have dedicated this year to organization.

This year my focus is on getting organized and making lists so I am constantly thinking about things in the future. One of the things that causes a lot of busyness at our house is soccer season. We are usually gone 1 night a week for practice and at least 1/2 a day on Saturday. Being gone can and does wreak havoc on my home management abilities.

So I am resolved to be prepared for this event as much as possible. So here are some of the things I can take care of before hand:

For the Team
  • First Wayne & I usually coach both girls teams.
  • 2 sets of emergency snack (to cover forgetful parents)
  • Buy my  2 sets of snacks of as soon as I see a good sale
  • a blanket for the kids to sit on (really it keeps them off the field)
  • trash bag (after snack time)
  • end of year gifts/gift certificate for players
  • Note cards for the players I write each player 2 notes of encouragement during the year. I can write most of the notes before hand because the majority of it is scripture.
  • Buying extra water bottles for practice & games.

Our kiddos comfort
  • snacks for our kiddos at the field
At Home
  • Saturday soccer check of list so everyone can help.
  • I am cooking double meals now to put in the freezer so I can just defrost it on practice days.
  • Planned really easy fast meals for game days!
Once the season starts
  • I will leave our snacks and the emergency snacks in the van!
Looking for:
  • Cheap Pop up canopy
  • wagon for the twins
  • cute sweats to coach in

Can any of you think of some things I can take care of ahead of time? I'd really appreciate your help!

May the Lord grant your family peace through all the 'seasons' of your lives!
Rooster Hill

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