Monday, December 08, 2008

PGM Chior does Christmas in the Park with friends

Let me start this post with two facts....First of all my camera died before I took my first picture.'s Pearson's debut into the world of bell ringing. She will be marred for life and sending me her shrink bills which will say "Very few pictures exist to verify this child's early existence..." Pearson I just want you to know Mommy tried.... Well, after my realization of the impending psychiatric bills my husband calmly reminded me that we had just purchased a battery and a new charger that were still in the car. Then he asked me if I had I tried it yet.While I was wondering if we were actually newly weds and not But even before I could answer he dashed off to the car and saved the day with a 1/2 charged battery. Hooray for hubby' there are no too adorable pix of the kids ringing their bells. Just a couple of adorable kids sitting and watching the older ones ring!

The second thing I wanted to mention is that it was thirty some odd degrees and in Texas that's cold!

None the less some brave and warmly dressed friends (The Watters & Fernando M.) made their way out to see our little girls ring their little hearts out! We went on a hayride and walked the park to see the lights close up. We were even blessed by the Lutheran Church across the street had a live nativity set up. At the nativity we ran into the Apel's with their sweet little kiddos.

We love Christmas in the Park and we go every year the lights are spectacular and they add a little more to it each year. They also serve free hot chocolate & cookies to go along with the free hay rides. All in all not to bad for Choir Concert #1.... in 3 days a concert a day every mom's dream! Is my washing machine empty I've got to wash more choir clothes....

Ringing our way to Christmas,



Unknown said...

I love bell ringing, especially this time of year.

It's mighty cold on our side of TX too, there are snow flurries just a few towns over!

Jennifer Bacak said...

My favorite part of the performance was not actually watching my kids ring, but yours! Pearson, standing there, just ringing away, whether it was her turn or not, was classic! I loved it! And seeing you guys every other week at practice was super cool!

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