Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: Car Problems +

 This week despite some challenges we did get some school done. April and May have traditionally been tough months for us as far as schooling goes. We always seem to wind down "unvoluntarialy". Thus we have decided to school all year around with a lighter schedule in the summer.
Sweetie & Ms. Brianne her Speech Therapists

We have changed our morning schedule and I really need to get up earlier to make it work well. The first thing we do are 'Biblical Studies' which includes catechism, proverb study and reading either a Missionary book or Leading Your Little Ones to Christ. Then we do chores and spend 15 minutes -- 1 hour in the garden. This has made us less productive in school because our transitions are taking too long and an hour was too long we were all to tired.

American Heritage Girls Flag Ceremony

On Monday morning I had a root canal. At the end of the root canal the dentist informed me he needed to re-do it because he needed to go 2cm's deeper. Then we had our fire inspection and a visit from ECI. After this we spent over an hour in the garden and we were all to tired to do much of anything. So we did not do school on Monday.

On Tuesday we were suppose to go to speech we did a little math in the morning and then tried to head to speech and the Suburban broke down at Lowe's. Wayne dianosised it went to Autozone and fixed it. But don't worry there was a Chik-fil-a & What-a-burger in the parking lot...lols. Wayne got it fixed by replacing a fuel filter and I drove to the Doctor's office and when I backed up it stopped running. I waited a few minutes and it started running again. Then on the way from my friend Taryn's house the car broke down again on the way to get Wayne. We got it Autozone and then Wayne bought some kind of sensor and fixed it again and not its running great!

Sweetie doing extra theory with Shoo sitting on Ms. Bethany
On Wednesday we have piano lessons and we did a pretty full day of school. Then McDaddy got home and he had a terrible toothache, we even missed our small group.

Then on Thursday we had a pretty full day of school too and then we did American Heritage Girls.

SugarPie working in her Math Counting book

On Friday we only did a bit of school as we prepared for some friends from church to help us fix our driveway, and do some work around our house. We are dreadfully behind since the twins got here.

So, hopefully next week I'll really be able to concentrate on moving the kids forward in their school work and we will get out of the doldrums!

Happy Schooling!


Unknown said...

Oh, gosh! Root canal? Car troubles? Toothaches? What a week! How did you get ANY school accomplished?

We've been spending a lot of time on our garden too. It's that time of the year! We haven't even rototilled yet, but we've planted 1/2 the raised bed (peas) and got our corn, cucumbers and "goblin gourds" planted in mini-greenhouses. Oh, and planted a grape vine!

North Laurel said...

I agree that you are amazing to have done school at all. Sounds like it was 'some week'! Here's to a good weekend and next week :)

Unknown said...

Good for you for sneaking in school despite some difficulties along the way. I really appreciate you visiting my blog and taking time to leave a comment. I have some Montessori Albums listed on my side bar that may be useful to you if your children are six years and older. For the preschool age you may want to visit my other blog I album hop a lot when it comes to the Montessori Method. I did take a training course with Karen Tyler who operates the website Montessori Market Place. For a lot more helpful links visit Deb's blog is sure to steer you in the right direction. I hope this helps! I hope you and your family have a very relaxful weekend. Thank you for sharing.

Leah Courtney said...

Sometimes it's just one of those weeks. Sounds like you still got some school work done. Good for you!

Mary said...

I wouldn't have blamed you if you couldn't fit school it. That's a lot going on at once. Root canal - BTDT - hope I never have to again!

texasmcvays said...

Thanks Ladies but really anyting good you see I credit to Christ! We just love our garden and now it's a mandatory activity to help us feed our tribe and keep the grocery budget down. Sometimes for me having the structure of school is easier then letting the day "unfold". I am getting better at not MAKING SURE we do school but I still like the structure for the kids days! Blessings

Aggie Davisy said...

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Sharla said...

It sounds like quite a week between the car trouble and dental woes, but also sounds like you handled it with the best attitude possible! I hope next week has less unexpected trouble!

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