Saturday, December 06, 2008

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas...

During Christmas I really try to practice frugal decorating techniques because it is the one time of year I really have to work on impulse shopping! So here is a frugal decorators tour......
On top of this antique pie safe that was given to us (as long as we moved it ASAP!) I placed some boxes that held a gift from one of Wayne's vendor's & the 12 days of Christmas book (I desperately wanted and out of the blue) my step Mom sent me two years. I then moved the cast iron cross ($3) from the Warrenton Antique fair from it's regular spot, across the room, near the gifts. Because Jesus gave us the gift of eternal life.

We also have this very country looking tree skirt which was purchased at Albertson's for about $2 after Christmas reduced from something like $30. I put the Norman Rockwell Art Book (a homeschool book doing double duty purchased for about $2) up and opened it to the Christmas themed pages. I must admit I have already caught the children enthralled and thumbing through the pages.

I use an old grapevine wreath someone was going to throw out to hold our Christmas Cards.

Here is my front door though after looking at Kelli's page I am going to add my sled basket to the little table on the front porch and fill it pine cones & evergreens. I just decorated it with a craft I did in MOPS (Mother's of Preschooler's) several years ago and my annual Pointsettia purchased from Wal-Mart for $3.99. I love pointsettias and just wish I could afford to have several more!
Now on to the tree..all of the ornaments on my tree probably total about $5-8 because they are all bought well after Christmas when Wal-Mart is begging you to remove things so they can set up for the next sale. I know for a fact I have never paid more then 1.00 for a box of ornaments.
Sadly, last year we went into our yard (acres) and cut down at tree but it kept tipping over, was as sharp as a box cutter and I broke about 1/2 of my ornaments. So back to the Christmas tree lot for us this year and we purchased a $39 tree. Wayne will not let me get a nice artificial tree and end the yearly expense, his frugality has limits.

My top 3 frugal Christmas decorating suggestions are to:
  1. Really, look at the boxes, gift tags, bows & ribbons etc.. that folks give you and see if you can use them in your Christmas decorating.

  2. Then buy Christmas decor after Christmas and continue to check for it well into the new year.

  3. Finally, keep your eyes open at Goodwill & Garage Sales all year long. I got the cutest little Christmas half apron for $1.50 at a local thrift store.
  4. Just like anytime I am decorating I only keep things I like, no matter how cheap or free an item is, if I dislike it will smush my Christmas spirit.

My focal point is Jesus and I try to think about how each element of the decor can teach my kids a truth about Him. The red reminds us he shed his blood on the cross, gifts remind us he gave us the gift of eternal life....

Merry Christmas,



Linda C said...

I like your decorations! You have really found some good buys!
Linda C

Hope Road said...

I really enjoyed getting to see you and talk to you saturday! I look forward to seeing you next time I am in town! Have a wonderfully blessed week and holiday system!

Anonymous said...

Nice tips and I've followed them all for years, especially about the after Christmas sales and Goodwill. Your decorations are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hey friend! How are you? I am honored that I am a link on your blog? How are the kids?



Anonymous said...

Looking GOOD!!!!!!!

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