Friday, September 09, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up(week 2) - Getting Artsy

Art is a subject I am ill equipped to teach. It is however, a subject that Grandpa really wanted the kids to learn and one of the subjects mentioned when he was told we were going to homeschool (along with a myriad of other things.)

Well, this year we decided to provide the girls with Art lessons. In school I remember I loved doing art and I would wait holding my breath as we were told our assignment. I remember spending hours in our back room trying to draw the perfect picture. Oh how I loved art. I never seem to have the time to do art or crafts in our homeschool. By the time I have finished our core curriculum I am ready to move on, not to create the worlds largest mess. So sad isn't it?

 This is why I do not teach art. Additionally, I have no idea what I should expect from the different age groups.

The art teacher told me that Sweetie has a wonderful brush stroke and that all the girls did very well. She asked me to please dress them in play clothes so they wouldn't have to worry about their clothes while creating. Wow, now my girls are 'creating'...

She was animated fun and her home sang of her creativity loud and clear. She used to be a public school teacher so dear Sweeties Autism was of no concern to her. We will attend art class bi-weekly and the next time, she is going to go through the color wheel unless they were already familiar with it.  Fat chance!

When we got home the children were all eager to paint after they finished their lessons. On Friday I caught Parker drawing and they all seem to have caught the art bug.

I think for our homeschool we will continue to find people who can teach our children things I do not feel qualified to teach and do not necessarily want to learn or relive (such as reliving Calculus & Physics). I'm sure as they get older Art will be replaced by more needful lessons because we have a definite budget. In fact each year my DH officiates football so we can have a little extra money much of it goes to savings so we can buy things like our Suburban but this year a little bit will go for paint brushes, canvases & little smiling faces saying "Look Mama!" Who knew cupcakes were so wonderful?

This weeks academic studies also went well. We began doing some memory work: addition, multiplication & states with capitols. The first grader is reading well and we are on lesson 71 of Teach your Child to read in 100 Easy Lessons which we do in conjunction with Adventures in Phonics. Once we complete this she will start Christian Light's Reading program. Best of all is that Sweety is doing really well with ACE and she enjoys it, we've had a hard time finding something that worked well because of peculiarities with her Autism. My children are enjoying school and often ask to do extra lessons.

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Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

My daughter is doing an art class this year, too. It's something I always have good intentions about doing at home, but never do enough of.

texasmcvays said...

Jamie you hit that right on the head I probably have enough art equipment to furnish a studio. I have had good intentions about it too, but we so rarely do it and when we do it, its stressful for me. The kids had a GREAT time. :)

Kimberly @ Adventures in Mothering said...

I love art...but even though I am actually an art teacher (I teach 1x a week at our private school at church), it falls by the wayside too often here too. I love Adventures in Phonics though...when my kids were little we used that along with AlphaPhonics. :-) You've got a beautiful family!

Abby said...

I totally understand the challenges of teaching art. I experienced an art fail with one of my girls this week. I can't wait until they return to their painting class! ;) Have a great weekend! Stopping by from the Weekly Wrap-Up blog hop.

Lea H @ Virtuous Foundations said...

Thanks for posting this on Virtuous Foundations Homeschool Blog Link-Up!

Check back later tonight to see if you were featured :)

Linda said...

We had been taking art lessons outside the home, but I felt that, because every school year we seemed to start over with the same lessons, not advancing since the new students coming in started a the basics, that we needed to spend our money another way. This year we are working on the Time4Art program through Time4Learning, and also another online art program we joined through Homeschool buyers coop. We may go back to a live art teacher at some point, because I am very NOT qualified to teach art but for now that is how we are handling it. Art gives my daughter such joy, we will always have art lessons of some sort. I know your kids will love the live lessons. Good luck!

Bethany said...

I love the story about their art class, complete with pictures! :D Looks like fun! (and I couldn't paint to save my life! haha)

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