Monday, July 07, 2008

Menu Madness at Rooster Hill

Monday - Split Pea Soup

Tuesday - Bean & Cheese Burrito, Rice & green beans (made with homemade refried beans from the left over beans from last Thursday Meal)

Wednesday - Turkey, garden butternut squash & rolls

Thursday - Beans, Rice & cornbread (This is my families favorite meal!!)

Friday - Chicken Kabobs with roasted veggies over rice

Saturday - King Ranch chicken (well's gonna be turkey leftover from Wednesday and all of my pulled chicken casseroles will be made from the Turkey from last Wednesday for about 3 months!)

Sunday - Chicken Tortilla Soup (This recipe is coming off of the back of my tortilla chip bag. I've had a lot of luck with these kinds of recipes because they really work hard to find something so tasty that you just have to buy more and more of their products!'s gonna be turkey leftover from Wednesday ) I try to cook easy meals I can throw together the night before so I can truly rest on Sunday too, some days it works better then others.

When I plan my meals I try to take advantage of the leftovers from other meals. I love turning leftovers into a totally new and different meal unrecognizable from its former form.

Kind of like a Christan should become unrecognizable once we turn to Christ.... :)

Happy Planning and great eating!


1 comment:

BRANDI said...


I miss your family! I'm coming down at the beginning of August...I'll call you when I know the schedule. Were moving Michael's sister down there!

I hope y'all are doing well!

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