Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cleaning House

I am in a frenzy...I feel like the house has never really been settled since we move in. There are too many projects too many unfinished corner and now it's just a big mess. So this week when we are out of the house on Tuesday & Thursday we are having a house cleaning palooza! Sorry if I don't answer the phone I'm cleaning the pot, tub and everything else.

Now panic is setting in because I just realized that We will be out of the house Tuesday - Thursday for some or all of the day...OH no.....

What extras do I need to do:

  • I need to make sour dough bread (a gift for a friend)
  • I need to make regular bread
  • catch up laundry from our mini vacation

What's just laying around:

  1. Piles of items to return to other families...(The Short's winter gear, Benavides Baby items....)

  2. Piles of library books

  3. pile of items to go to the resale store

  4. Misc. items to go to church from meals I received "Only the Lord knows when!"

  5. box of shoes to sort for the next sizes needed

  6. boxes to go into storage

My kids are afraid if they stand still they will get mopped, dusted or put into storage. Oh and of course I have to make like 5 cups of butter cream frosting in 4 different colors for cake class & Sour dough bread. Where is my third arm! Oh and don't you just love that picture....

Her happy little face reminds me to focus on Jesus and to be thankful always...


Jodi W said...

Found your blog from another from another... and love it! Almost enough to buy chickens and move out of the city, but not quite yet...

Out of curiosity, do you use a bread machine? And if so, what type do you have? I am considering making our own breads...


texasmcvays said...

I use both a bread machine and make bread by hand. I prefer to make it by hand because it is quicker and more versitle but I love my machine because it makes it when I am away! I use a Kenmore Breadmachine it was a Christmas present.

mimi said...

Hi Kyle. I don't know if you remember me from church, but I'm Judy Dornak's mom, Mimi H. I have a set of cookbooks about home management, planning meals for a month, how much they cost, baking breads, homeschooling, teaching kids to cook, etc, a great set. I bought Judy the set and I know she'd let you borrow her set to check them out. It's a set of 6 books, and they're cross-referenced. Maybe you've heard of them--Sue Gregg cookbooks. www.suegregg.com. I thought you'd enjoy them. They're also based on the Bible. I think they're wonderful and hope one day Judy has time to get into them. I know she's pretty busy right now though and wouldn't mind sharing them. I'm out of town for the summer or would lend you my set if you wanted to see them. A lot of work, lists, thoughts, grocery lists, brands, alternative food choices have been done for you. I love your blog, both of them.
Mimi Hildebrandt

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