Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ducks on Rooster Hill

We have Good and Bad news to report.

First the bad news...

Parker's rooster 'Tiny' was literaly pecked to death by the hens, we will miss his little morning crows. I was very worried about Parker when I realized he was dead because she really did raise him and the hens. But upon realizing he was departed she asked me "Mama are we gonna eat him?" Well, she is aparently officially a country girl!

Now the good news...

#1: We have ducks and duck eggs on the hill. The Bricker's gave us a couple of the ducks from the school science project and we have so loved watching them and hearing them "quack". We have a hen and a drake aren't they beautiful! Wayne is really enjoying his huge duck eggs. They are about 2X the size of a chicken egg and they are very tasty, plus I can feed Wayne with 2 duck eggs versus 4 chicken that's a win-win situation! #2: We have 15 adorable baby chicks! We have 11 Production Reds which produce brown eggs and 3 Amerucanas which produce blue/green eggs. New chicks are so adorable and cut the kids love to play with the little gals! We have 1 rooster in the group, hopefully he'll do better then Tiny. We may be making a trip to Yonderway to get us a rooster to get our man hating hens in check!
Well, that's the good and the bad from Rooster Hill!
See you again soon,


Sad PS since this was written our female duck was killed by a predator. The drake stayed by her side refusing to leave the pen without her. We love ducks and will be getting some more in the future after we correct mistakes we made to their accomodations.

1 comment:

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

Aww, that is cute. I mean it is sad about the little rooster, but I love your little one’s comment! Lol Too precious. :)
Wonder what is after your ducks? Predators can be such a worrisome and upsetting thing to deal with.

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