Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu Madness at Rooster Hill

I was looking at Mrs. Bacak menu listing and feeling kind of guilty I was sticking to just the facts so here is a more detailed menu announcement.

Monday - We will have Chicken Georgia (a Paula Deen Recipe), veggie & Bread. Tonight Ms. Julie Burnham (TAMU class of 08) will grace us with her sweet presence for dinner and bring us a surprise dessert.

Tuesday- Beef & Broccoli with rice. This is a very easy and tasty Chinese food recipe to serve to your family for your Chinese food fix. I am very sad I forgot to include the ingredients for my homemade egg rolls (recipe: go to store buy a box and make them at your home!).

Wednesday- Spaghetti and meatballs with whatever our guests bring. :) The best meatball recipe I have found is in the LHBC cookbook it is Amy Landry's (Ashely Garratt's friend) recipe for meatballs. This are outstanding! Even Julie who does not like meatballs thought these were excellent. Hosting any interested members of the CS Coregroup. Our church starting a new church.

Thursday- Beans, rice & cornbread. This week I am making my own cornbread I'm doing away with my jiffy cornbread due to gas prices and my desire even to save a penny!

Friday- Stuffed Shells with sauteed sliced carrots. This is Lynsey Kramer's recipe and it should be a sin it is so stinking good! It's in the LHBC cookbook I may post it on a Tuesday because the world needs to know about this one.

Saturday- We are going to a wedding in San Antonio, I will probably eat a little extra, make sure the kids and hubby pack it in and see what I can pack into Pearson's Baby bag for the trip back.

Sunday - Taco Soup with sour cream, cheese and onion topping. Yummy quick and simple I can make it in minutes since I pre-brown my ground meat.

Most of these recipes are from the she has some great economical recipes on her site. Since the site passed hands from Maggie to Suzanne it has lost a lot of its cuteness and added a lot of ads but I still use that as a main resource for cooking from scratch.

May you have a blessed week providing abundantly for your families.


Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

How did your Chicken Georgia recipe work out? It sounds really good and I love, LOVE chicken! :)

texasmcvays said...

It was fabulous, it's A Paula Deen recipe! :)

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