Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Watching my home...

She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27

When I look at homemaking I see a job that is more difficult then when I was teaching or working as an Executive. One day I sat down to figure out what my job entailed: prayer, husband assistance, children, school, financial management, mentoring, decorating, cooking, grocery shopping, clothing, laundry, cleaning, transportation and gardening all the while keeping my eyes focused on Christ. I do not want to neglect any area of our responsibilites but each year I pick one or two of my responsibilities upon which to focus improvment.

Just like my husbands take continuing education courses I love to find things that I can do to improve my skills as a homemaker. Plus I just love school! This year I am considering cooking but specifically baking...I just think it would be great to be able to whip out a beautiful birthday cake for my family. I've taken a few mini courses at MOP's on cake decorating and really enjoyed but I think I might beneifit from Hobby Lobby's cake decorating classes. I will read the section in my Joy of Cooking book on baking. Yes, I just said I was going to read my cookbook. I really hope you all have a teaching cookbook like Joy. It doesn't just provide you with recipes it also teaches you about the art and science of cooking, if you read the pages. I learned that at MOP's too!

Maybe, I'll focus on gardening, too. Because I have got to get some food out of that garden! So far I've had beautiful plants that didn't produce much fruit. Then my plants sputtered and I had tiny plants . In the city I just planted tomatoes (I can still grow tomatoes well) but I'd love to provide my family with fresh veggies from the garden all year long. Now I've fertilized the ground, put a fence up (I still need to build my gate), planted some seeds, some plants. Now it's time for water and prayer!

Finally, have you started thinking about how to make your family feel extra love on Valentines day? Please let me know we are revamping our Valentines traditions. I think we are gonna incorporate some of Heather's candy coma theory but not all of it because we are diabetics overhere after all! What sweet things do you guys do with & without sweets? Tell me quick because there's only 9 days left.......
Happy Homemaking!


Anonymous said...

I have been spreading my Valentine's Day treats since the first of February. At supper time each night I try to have something different...one night we had stuffed pasta shells (cause it's red) served on our fancier dishes, used our special silverware, served "red" wine (Welch's grape juice). I made felt flower napkin rings.

Tonight the napkin rings we will use were some I printed off the computer. Using printmaster program. I simply picked out a plain heart shape, and printed the question "Who gave the very first Valentine's Day gift?" I glued this to a strip of cardstock (by the way I also printed the heart on card stock but only because I had it handy at the time). Anyway the inside of the napkin ring has the answer: "God did! Read John 3:36!"

Now one night I had Little Debbie heart shaped brownies on top of their plates...just a simple supper that night. Another night I simply made heart shaped buttermilk biscuits. Our napkins are either paper with hearts printed on them (dollar tree), or heart shaped as shown on homeliving helper blog) or a Valentin-ish napkin ring.

I am sorry that was kinda long. But Valentine doesn't have to have sugar-y sweet treats to be special...it's the little things that say "I love you." Oops maybe too much Barney watching. *smile*
I hope these help. Have a blessed day. Paula

Anonymous said...

oops! that was suppose to say John 3:16...now where are my glasses!?!


Jess said...


Not so sure about hotel McVay anymore! :) Rach and I are all set to come up this weekend. We're driving up on Friday. We have plans with friends on Friday night , so might be getting out your way a little late (please let me know how late is too late, and how in the world I got to your new house!)

Rach has school on Sat., so we'll be up and gone that morning, but we'd love to have dinner with ya'll and hang out on Sat. night at casa McVay. (If that works for you guys of course!)

Send me an email to confirm we're still on. aggiejess@gmail.com I'll be working some crazy hours tomorrow, but I will be able to answer email.

Can't wait to see you guys!!

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