Thursday, January 31, 2008

.....SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS or Rikki Tikki Kylie

The back of my house is mostly windows and today I am babysitting the neighbors 3 kiddos, so we are 6 kids strong from 2-9! Pearson and David (6) were bouncing on the trampoline and I was standing and watching them when the irritating dogs finally got my attention. They had been barking and barking (my one and the neighbors 2 puppies...).

"Huh they have a rope" a closer look"...a rope, please let it be a rope"

No under my dogs paw is a snake! Outside is no less than 4 kids and 2 with autism, 1 under 2 and a boy. This is not good not good at all.

If you are a snake lover turn back now because I am 'fixin' to get Biblical with this dude..."And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring [a] and hers; he will crush [b] your head, and you will strike his heel." Genesis 3:15
I've got the emnity, oh yeah.....

So like a good woman I start running around the house looking for my mud boots while saying to myself: "You can do it , You can do it....." I finally find my mud boots and go running to the shed. While running I'm trying to think how am I suppose to kill this snake? Shotgun, no we don't have one.....a hoe no its too far away, oooooo the shovel the flat shovel. So now I have the shovel and I am running from the shed to the house with the shovel. (This is why God made me athletic not for the glory I recieved in my youth but for the protection of my children in my older youth...)

I get there yell at the dogs to move and start breathing. Like I used to breath when I was psyching up for a big game. Then I did it I raised the shovel and slayed the beast! I daughter of the king, city girl, doctors daughter, wife of Wayne, Mother of 3, soccer player and now Snake Slayer!!

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength."Phillipians 4:13

Of course right before I killed him I was sure it was a copperhead and I had saved everyone from a horrible e-boli like death. But upon reviewing our disgusting make my skin crawl snake book and the internet it appears to have been a water snake, rat snake or something like that.

I do now have a new appreciation for my dog, Houston (a blue lacy) who caught the thing and guarded it until it lost its head!

Kyle, Snake Slayer McVay

P.S. If you have not seen or read Rikki Tikki Tavi you are missing out! This is a great little movie for family movie night. Now I say that but I have not seen it in a long time.

Sorry there are not pix but I cannot find my camera! :(


5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

You go girlfriend! Jason would be proud of you. I don't do snakes! I freeze and pick up my feet off the ground the minute I see one. I can't stand the boogers!

We have tons of them out here, but I haven't had a run in with but one little copperhead hiding under my car!

I'm glad it wasn't a copperhead. But, I wish there was a video tape of this craziness. Seriously, you're my hero!


Jennifer Bacak said...

Go snake slayer!
What a proud moment!
We had a copperhead in my front yard, and my neighbor friend (Mom of four across the street) killed it for me because I was completely filled with terror. But I understand, if your children are around, you go into super-Mom, I can lift a car with my bare hands mode. I get it.

Unknown said...

Dear Mrs. Rikki Tikki McVay (aka Xena-the-Warrior-Snake-Slayer-Woman):
Aren't you glad you moved to the country? How else could you get those wonderful titles and delightfully adventurous stories that involve shovel wielding?! I always wanted to be Rikki Tikki Tavi growing up - I am so jealous (except for the part where you actually KILLED the snake - that didn't make my bones swell with envy so much as the title did ;P).

And they say that stay at home moms have no adventure or challenge in their lives. Ha! I'd like to see a pencil skirt in stillettos kill that nasty forked-tongue serpent!!

Hendrick Family said...

You go!! No way! I would have been whacking and crying at the same time!

I'm so proud of you.

Maybe you could get Allen Palermo to stuff it for you.


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I am envisioning you running across the yard in slow motion jumping over kids and toys with a shovel in your hands screaming NOOOOOOOO...all the while the Chariots of Fire music is playing in the background!!!!

Lisa Smith said...

ssssssscary! You go, girl!

I'd lock us all inside, sit at the window and wait for Andrew to come home! Now that's a true city girl.

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