Thursday, November 15, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Capturing the context of everyday contentment one photo at a time....

Our two year old little heart stopper, she is such a sweet thing and looked adorable bundled up. (I live in Texas this is usually as bundled up as we get ;) )

After 5 years of living on land that needed a tractor we finally found and bought a tractor in our price range. As you can see it ain't exactly a brand new Kubota or John Deere. We pay cash and when you pay cash $14K+ for a tractor is a lot of money so you look for MUCH cheaper used ones like this one.  It's not new but it's new to us and I was so excited to get it I spent the next day shredding! Our property is so overgrown there are so may places the kids cannot use and we cannot go because we cannot get through the brush. This Ford 2000 made me HAPPY!!!!

In case you cannot tell that is our three youngest children and the two middle girls have set up a hair salon and everyone is getting their hair wet and done. They are speaking with fancy accents and having lots of fun. Don't worry no scissors were used in this reenactment.

So, I've been organizing our home to make it more Mama friendly and this is our toy and book area. A big ole mess! There are several kinds of toys in that box and many toys  that need to go to the trash. I've been inspired by Leila to organize and clean up around here so we've been rather busy when school is not in session! 

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