Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peeking into our homeschooling!

During a two week period we do all sorts of things and here is a just a glimpse at some of them...

A science experiment investigating salt water was a big hit with the kids. Even Mom was able to make it through the science experiment without calling Kim M for a consultation!

Every other Friday is super long for us! We have Co-op then an hour and a half for lunch. Next we have PGM Choir in which the girls play bells and after that we have Piano Lessons. Then finally, we head off to the library before we pick Wayne up at 5pm. This day starts at 6:00 am and we do not get home until around 6 p.m.

A bi weekly trip to the library happens at the end of our long Fridays!

One of the Pooh's practicing her reading in the homeschool room...

Horse Back Riding Lessons with the SHARE program that provides lesson for Disabled kiddos. Yes, that is a 3 year old Pooh riding in front, she's been riding since she was 18 months!

A great field trip to the Natural History Museum we go on one field trip a month with our field trip group.

Exploring the Pond for life & Dad teaches the kids science by dissecting a fish ordered from Home Science Tools both were for our Oceanography Unit....

Happy Schooling!


Samira said...

That was neat and cute to see the pics!!!

Mrs. H. said...

Kyle, I have really been enjoying your posts! I loved this one. I was wondering what field trip co-op you are involved in?

Miss Hannah said...

Hey Kyle! GROSS!! That is such a McVay thing! Love and miss y'all!:)
Miss Hannah

Miss Hannah said...

Hey Kyle! GROSS!! That is such a McVay thing! Love and miss y'all!:)
Miss Hannah

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