Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 4

Week 4

In our homeschool this week…

The biggest focus of our homeschool this week was on both the Presidential Election and the Hymn Festival. The children all went with us to the polls to vote. The Hymn Festival is a competition in which the girls go to and play in front of a judge and they receive a score from unprepared to Superior. 

Sweetie: This Week she had a test in ACE Grammar and Math in both of these she did well. We, however, require our children to correct the errors they make on the tests. She is finally starting to get done with her work more quickly. Although she still needs to work faster and concentrate instead of play. 

Sugar Pie at Softball
Bullet: Bullet has been working hard on her math and she is still working through Math Mammoth decimals & fraction book. She is starting to gain a deeper understanding of fractions and decimals. She also had her first Spelling Test. I think she is most excited about her Greek as she announced that she was only a few weeks away from reading Greek words! 
Bullet in Center-field
Sugar Pie: She finally finished her last 1st grade level Math Book and started her 2nd grade book. In our Math Program there are 10 books to complete and the first book is a review of the previous years work, the review is for children that have the summer off.  So, she got to skip the first book (201) and go to the second book (202). She was super excited about skipping a whole book! 

Sweetie working on her hymns
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… 
This week we went to the Poll Place, Hymn Festival and to our wonderful PE Co-op.  
My favorite thing this week was… 
Definitely my favorite thing was the girls competing and doing well in Hymn Festival. I love to hear them play and to see their progress. It's been wonderful!
Sugar Pie Sorts Flash Cards
What’s working/not working for us…
So far I think everything is working for us but the girls are taking a long time to finish their work. I really think it may be my fault. But as far as our curriculum it's all working for us!
Shoo runs circles during PE
Questions/thoughts I have…
My main question is why are we taking so long to finish school. I'm thinking its because I am not giving them my first 4 hours of the day and I'm trying to multi-task. I'm also not getting up early enough I think. I'm still pondering this question, all I know for sure is we cannot continue to finish at 4 & 5 pm. That's just silly.
PE Co-op
Things I’m working on…
I'm currently writing a Nature Study Curriculum for the kiddos next semester for the K-4. We'll take Nature walk and participate in the Great Bird Count in February. A little more low key for the spring.  Additionally, I'm putting together Math Folders to help the kids increase their basic computation speed. 
PE Co-op
I’m cooking…
Low calorie foods and this week I made Lemon Thyme Tuna Burgers which were really tasty and the kiddos enjoyed them too! 


Unknown said...

Finding a balance in the schedule can be challenging. In my house it seems never-ending..the tweaks and re-tweaks. However, I do give the first hours. My 9 year old is finished by noon and my 14-year old goes on until about 3pm.

Unknown said...

How nice to skip a WHOLE math book! I know my daughter would be super excited about doing that! LOL

It's hard juggling stuff in the morning! I have found that if I do most of my cleaning the night before and prepare anything needed for meals. It helps me to feel like I have more time the next day to focus on school/kids! I hope you find something that works for you!

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