Sunday, November 11, 2012

Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 3
In my life this week......This week had a few unplanned adventures on Monday I shredded (cut down small trees and brush ) on our new to us tractor that we purchased on Sunday. Then on Wednesday we had to go into town  which took about 3 hours of our time in the middle of the day. 
 In my homeschool this week....Thus we ended up not completing as much work as I would of liked.  Regardless, every morning our family does what we call the Family Gathering we are slowly adding all the elements of the FG right now the girls complete their State Study, IEW Linguistic Development, and now Mystery of History. 

We didn't formally do history last year. Instead I assigned Biographies to Bullet (and she read about 30 Childhood of Great Americans), but neither Sweetie or Sugar Pie had an official history. Although we did watch several documentaries and visited history based museum exhibits. Then we tried a couple of History programs that were not a good fit for us so they were abandoned. After months of research we have landed at Mystery of History. This week we started Mystery of History Volume 1 and we are enjoying a family time together digging into history. 

On Friday we had our presentations in our Co-OP. Bullet & Sugar Pie chose a state to learn more about , created a presentation board and then told the audience about their states Georgia and Pennsylvania respectively.  While Sweetie recited the poem "The Little Man that Wasn't There" from our IEW Linguistic Development. Bullet and Sugar are working on presentation skills, while Sweetie is working on annunciation and articulation.

Best picture of Sweetie  (who has mild autism) in a while...what a smile!
 Sweetie is adjusting well to using ACE. She enjoys knowing exactly how many pages she needs to do each day and which page is the last page she needs to finish so she can enjoy a work free weekend. She uses ACE for Math, English & Spelling.  Although she had tests scheduled because of our crazy week  they were postponed.
Piano Lessons preparing for Hymn Fest with our beloved Teacher Ms. Bethany
 Bullet only worked on an Essay for an Essay contest this week. A lesson learned by the teacher that I need to plan out her contest work better and MAKE SURE she completes the parts in little bites instead of big chunks. But we got the essay finished and submitted.

Bubba was under the weather but we didn't go to the hospital!
Sugar Pie our 2nd grader  Lost her Spelling Book this week. :( Other then that she had a pretty uneventful week completing her work and only escaping a few times. 

Bubba & Shoo School - Really involved teaching Bubba to sit on the couch by himself to get his asthma treatment. When he was successful I gave him candy as a reward! He did a pretty good job more then 75% of the time earning his candy!

Places we're going and people we're seeing...We had our weekly PEP Co-op as well as our Part of the Greater Multitude Choir, Piano Lessons & Theory. Bullet had her online classes on Thursday. 

I'm Reading .... ABC Herbal by Horne 

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