Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homeschool Planning in a few extras ...

This year we are continuing to use many of the Christian Light Education products that we love and have made homeschooling so much lovelier for us here at Rooster Hill. I really believe CLE is providing our kids with a great education, but I'd still like to add a little more fun and variety to their days. So we will be using which teaches vocabulary, has fun learning games and can even test your kiddos. Many lists are already entered our Spelling for CLE 3 has already been entered by another Mom. All I have to do is have the tab ready for school. This is going to be a free time activity for the kiddos, they love any excuse to get onto the computer for a bit. Additionally, I will schedule it in on 2 non-busy days!

We are also adding Book Adventure as a another bit of free variety for the children. Book Adventure is a site that has fun games  & prizes for kids as rewards for reading. You can also have children take quizzes on the books they are reading. This is especially helpful for me with my autistic child as I can check her record to see if she is comprehending what she has read.

Neither of these sites are Christian sites so please review them and make sure they are in line with your personally held convictions. We hope that these two sites will add a little variety in the school day of our children. May the Lord richly bless you as you seek to educate your littles.

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