Saturday, July 09, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - Really

I should be ashamed to call this a weekly wrap up so just between us lets consider it a wonderful week Because after working so hard to catch up in Bible Bee a whole week has slipped by and we have completed only a couple o f lessons and we are again behind in our Sword Studies. At least next week we have swim lessons so I can claim P.E. However, I really have got to work on Pearson's reading and Peyton's Math. So first I'll claim responsibility for my wonderful husband's work:
Wayne fixed the swing set. Two of the legs had completed rotted so I guess we can have some PE next week. Although right now we normally just swim. 

Now here is what happened with the rest of the McVays ....We attended a Small Local Homeschool Conference this Friday and I got to listen to Suzanne Gose of Flip Flop Spanish discuss teaching languages & I heard an Introduction to Classical Conversations.  During the week the kids did a little bit of their Bible Bee Sword Study and some card memorization, the babies watched some Baby Einstein, we swam, ate watermelon, had tea time...but most of all this week we really enjoyed one another and we laughed a lot.


Stefanie said...

We didn't do a thing this week either. LOL My oldest is officially on break and the tot and I didn't do anything either. And it was great!!

North Laurel said...

Hi, happening over from the Weekly Wrap-Up. This was supposed to be our first week of school but...well there's next week ;)
Have a great rest of the weekend :)
(now you have 50 followers :)

Unknown said...

We've not done much in the way of school since the 2nd week of May! We're on summer break until September 1st or so! LOL

The best part is that it seems you had a wonderful week as a family! Nothing can beat that!

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