Monday, March 30, 2009

Clearing Land for a Garden Part 1

Clearing land is definitely hard work. We were very

blessed as we found out that we had an expert in Mr. Sherman Watters! He had been chainsawing trees since he was something like 11 or 12! We were blessed by this because we had no idea that Sherman was an expert we just knew that the Watters are all about the outdoors, gardening and Sherman is usually up for some hard work. we had 12 trees to cut down in a 51 X51 foot area! We basically live in an oak forest. These 12 trees do not count the countless Yupon shrubs and misc. trees that had to be cut down and moved out. We do not have a tractor so we had to use a chainsaw.

On a homeschool note the pioneers were studs this is hard work with a chainsaw I cannot imagine trying to do this with a saw. And having to clear out 4X the area to completely provide for the food that your family would consume, livestock and maybe a little extra to sell!

Homesteading on the Hill

1 comment:

Sherman said...

haha... Thanks for the shout out! You guys are great. We love you all. Kiss the kids for us... And Wayne :-P


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