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So you're thinking about homeschooling....

Some of you may have already seen this post if you are a member of the existentfaithhomeschool yahoo group. #4 is a new addition to the post and includes the requirements in Texas.
How to Start Homeschooling* Ready to start homeschooling * I want to Homeschool or I've lost my mind I'm a homeschool mom....I hope some of this advice eases you into homeschooling!

I know we have lots of new homeschoolers and those preparing to start
homeschooling either this year or next.Last year I worked with
Smoothing the Way (until the Lord called me away) because I really
have a heart for new homeschooling women. So this year I wanted to
offer the women around me a little advice and an opportunity to look
at some curriculum in a relaxed setting at my house this summer.

Here is the advice:

1. Always remember that homeschool is just part of your life and not
your whole life! You must still keep God first and husband second.
Many homeschooling Moms due to the rigors of homeschooling move the
kids into that number 1 or 2 position. Please always remember
homeschooling is just an aspect of our life like housekeeping (but
way more important)!

2. As you start homeschooling everyone will tell you, that you have
to do: Core Knowledge, Sonlight, Charlotte Mason, Classical etc....
it becomes overwhelming. Additionally, what works for Kyle, Heather,
Kim or Jeane may not work for your family. So I would instead
encourage you to read... Cathy Duffy's Top 100
. She is a homeschool mom who is a Christian curriculum reviewer and she has sifted through the thousands of curriculums available to provide us with he top
curriculums. She also has two other books one that reviews thousands
of elementary curriculums and another that reviews high school
curriculums. NOTE: This book has a section where you can give your
child a test (well its more like you take the test about the child)
that will reveal his/her learning style. It also has a test that reveals your teaching style! In homeschooling we have an opportunity to teach to our children's strength's (while working on their weakness!). This book is a wealth of knowledge and well worth the 14.95 you'll pay Amazon or Key Curriculum in order to purchase it!

3. The second book I recommend everyone should have is The Three R's by Ruth Beechick. This book is a great foundational teaching
resource for folks who will be teaching kiddos under 4th grade level
to 8th grade. IF you have a 4th grader you can read "You can teach
your child successfully
" by Ruth Beechick .
4. Here are the requirements for the Texas Homeschooler according to the Texas Homeschool Coalition (FAQ page of THSC) --(NOT FROM TEXAS CLICK HERE for state by state requirements.)
" What is the required curriculum?
In order to be a legitimate home school, you must have a curriculum which teaches reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics and a study of good citizenship, and you must pursue that curriculum in a bonafide (not a sham) manner. This curriculum may be obtained from any source and can consist of books, workbooks, other written materials, or materials on an electronic monitor including computer or video screens, or any combination thereof."

5. In August the THSC (Texas Homeschool Coalition) is having its
annual conference in the Woodlands. This is a great time to learn
more about homeschooling and I look at it as continuing education for
me!. Even if you still have a year or so before the child starts it is still a beneficial
conference to attend. If you decide to go and this conference and it
is your first conference please call me so we can discuss what to
expect and how you can avoid overload! We are most likely going to
attend this conference. The early bird registration is coming up due
this week I think!

6. Join the BCS-HEART Loop which is the local area center of
homeschool information these Moms really let you know what is going
on in the local area.

7. Plan to spend a lot of time at home. You simply cannot school your kids while you run errands, chat with friends or get groceries.

8. If you live in the BCS let me know you are interested in attending because I plan to schedule some sort of pot luck lunch at my house (between
July 1-11th) if anyone is interested in coming over and looking at my
stuff (and there's a lot of it!). We could even take the Cathy Duffy
tests while the children play. Plus I'd love to have some of you
other Mom's who school in other ways to come and participate so a
variety of options could be displayed for these new homeschoolers.
(Sonlight Moms, Abeka Type Moms, Classical Moms.... even if you can
just loan me some of your stuff to show the new ones). If anyone
wants to come to dinner so your husband may look at stuff with you
too just let me know and we'll put it on our calendar.I will also try
to do a monthly post on my blog about homeschooling (I would also
encourage some of the other hs bloogers to contact me if they would
like to write a little 'something' to post on my blog!) so it can be a
little monthly meeting we attend in our pj's!

Finally, I want to encourage you to look forward to the journey of
homeschooling. It is both fun and challenging it is a wonderful
opportunity to grow closer to your children and most importantly the
Lord. Remember to continue to seek the Lord for what he has for your
family and your children as you begin. Ladies oh, how you will bless
your families as you move forward and I know that the Lord equips the

I am at your beckon call as you begin this journey, do not hesitate
to call me with any question or concern. Also, feel free to come by
we love company!

Rejoicing with you!

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Rachel said...

Thanks for posting this, Kyle. While we are still not quite ready to start formally homeschooling, I'm bookmarking this post for later. Thanks!

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