Saturday, October 04, 2008

A proper English Homeschool

In the Kings & Queens units one of the activities is an English Tea Party. With a house full of girls you cannot pass up a chance to dress up and have tea. The girls ran around the house getting the stuff necessary for the tea while I made decaf tea (I'm not crazy!) and got down the beautiful tea set that that Ms.Jessica Bolding purchased for the girls for two of their birthdays. Parker announced she was 'Good Queen Bess', Peyton was Queen Elizabeth and Pearson as Queen Pearsonian and I was the Queen Mother. Okay side note....I do not fit into the same dress up clothing the girls do. This became very evident as I went through their dress up box. The girls were so excited I was dressing up with them and I was seriously worried I was never going to get out of the tutu! We had so much fun as we spoke using fancy words and voices. The day before we made queen cakes and today we ate our queen cakes, sang God save the Queen, drank our tea. listened to 'Greensleeves' and read 'A Door in the Wall'. A good time was had by all!
Things like this make homeschooling so much fun for both the kids and me. I love to make these kind of permanent memories that the children will always remember how we had tea parties.
Now go have fun with your kiddos.


Anonymous said...

I feel so bad that I could not make it, but I am glade ya'll had fun!

BRANDI said...

I'm sure you looked fabulous in that tutu Queen Mother! Miss y'all!

Jess said...

Yay for little girls and tea parties! Glad they are enjoying the tea set!! So where are the pictures of you, Kyle?

Mrs. H. said...

What lovely English ladies! How fun!
Laurie :-)

Luke Holzmann said...

I say, what a splendid idea! Glad you got out of the tutu. [smile]


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