Monday, March 19, 2007

Pink Eye

We do not get sick often here at the McVay Homestead. As soon as I hear of any possible illness that has gotten within a city block of the family they start on vitamin C and Echinacea. In fact except for Pearson's Strep (diaper related) illness we have been pretty illness free this cold & flu season. But in my search for "Dr." free cures/remedies for illnesses I ran across Similisan Pink Eye Relief this at Wal-Mart! Since Justin gave me Pink Eye I had the opportunity to use it and it worked great. Yet being a big ole skeptic when I went to the Dr regarding another issue (do not worry all is fine) I also had him check my pink eye which he said was gone. This costs $7.96 at Wal-Mart versus $35 (Dr. Co-pay & med costs). Now keep in mind I am not a doctor, I am not board certified (just certifiable!). Since I have used it my friend Rachel is using it on her boys who both have Pink Eye (even though I haven't seen them in weeks) and she said its working great. So if you can recognize pink eye when you see it and you catch it early here is an effective and cheap option! Kim has used the Ear Ache relief and it worked great we are starting on the ear wax and hay fever stuff! We are just loving these homeopathic alternatives!


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Pink eye has been going around a lot lately...I can recognize it, it is unlike anything else in the world!!!
Good thing to know!!!

Lisa Smith said...

I wish I would have known this a few weeks ago when I got pink eye in Austin and had to go to the emergency room, at $100, to get a $5 prescription!!

Smart, Mama McVay...

sdfs said...

Good one!!
I don't usually get sick(and now that I've said I'll get some flesh-eating bacteria think I bet) but when I do...i'm heading to Dr. McVay for sure!

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