Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Brian!

Happy Birthday Brain!

The Short list of why the McVay's love Brian:

  1. You love God!
  2. You helped to make Justin.
  3. You married Kim.
  4. You lived in our house so I could live in Houston. Even though you absolutely hate to sleep anywhere except for your own bed (according to Kim).
  5. You were ready to defend my family.
  6. You love our kids.
  7. You are soooooo funny! (Folks I'm serious the man actually talks when you get to know him).
  8. You provide a second example of a great Dad for my kids to see!
  9. When our car broke down and I told the kids someone was coming to get us (while Wayne was in Ohio) they said Daddy Brian! (Our kids love you!!!)
  10. In case or invasion or attack we are coming to your house, we'll stop at Academy to get EXTRA ammo!
  11. You bring us meat "you found".....


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Happy Birthday Brian, I hope you have a great day!!

Maass Family said...

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!



Actually, he's 29 today...we just like to give him a hard time that this is his last year in his 20's:)

Happy Birthday Honey! I Love You...


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