Thursday, January 18, 2007

Science Fair

Tonight we went to the homeschool Science Fair. It was great fun to see all of the kid's projects and to participate. Peyton won 2nd place and did a project to see what kind of liquid prevented bananas from browning. Boy, oh boy did she learn alot: Enzymes, Proper Nouns, comma placement, Ph, fruits that brown.... But the best thing about the Science Fair was that Peyton had the biggest cheering section! The Maass's, Ashley (TAMU 06), Halei (TAMU 09ish) and mom, Dad and sisters! Even though with autism she is isolated from the other kids they do not always 'get' her, and some are mean to her. On top of that she has a hard time relating, speaking and hearing. She has lots of people who love her and support her. But perhaps the best thing was that Dad is home from Ohio and keeping his promise to play Bumperena with the girls Thursday night! I'm sure he'd love to go to sleep but he told his girls when he left to go to Ohio we will play Bumperna on Thursday night when I get home! So congratulations Peyton on winning 2nd place in the Science Fair and 1st place in Family and Friends!!!


Unknown said...

Congrats on 2nd place Peyton!! that is awesome :) What is the bumperna?!!! Never heard of that one!!!
And do you know I got ANOTHER comment about somehow being in your family in the bathroom the lady with that cute little boy asked if I was your sister...add that to the comment about me being Pearson's mom, and asking if I was your daughter...3 comments in like 2 hours about me being related to you, lol!!! CRAZINESS!
I had fun tonight and I cant wait to spend more time with all the "crazies"
YAY for Peyton!!

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Congrats Peyton. So what liquid will keep a banana from browning?

Just curious!!!

texasmcvays said...

vinegar, apple juice & orange juice

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Thank you ma'am!!!

Carpio Family said...

hmmm, i think apple juice will work. I have a hard time packing Easton 1/2 bananas for school. The apple juice may taste better than the lemon juice. Thank you i'm sure he'll be pleased. Congrats on the award!!! What is bumperna??

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