Thursday, May 03, 2012


For me normally pretty is not a piece of furniture it would be found under practical. But this piece of furniture has brought our family back together it's amazing how much time we spend sitting and visiting, reading, homeschooling and even watching a movie on the couch. We haven't had one for a while so it's been 'pretty' great seeing the family all gathered together again.

Sweety blowing out 14 candles
Sadly, this is s very blurry picture of Sweety blowing out 14 candles, which were votives!  Thanks to the creativity of our host David!

This is the silly picture of our Church Small Group, love these people! :)

Sweety had a very happy birthday, Mom made here a cake , we had a BBQ and sang happy birthday and she had a very happy Birthday! Happy 14th Birthday Sweet Girl!
This was so funny Bubba, who is not yet 2, was a sports machine at McDaddy's Company Picnic. First he started by playing his version of Basketball. Which is hold on to the ball smile as big as you can while you run around with the ball refusing to give it to anyone else. Then the boy played all 9 holes of putt-putt and he both hit the ball and seemed to know which hole to go to next and he would not be stopped. He then 'played' soccer with his Dad, siblings & another Dad for a good 30 minutes!He had so much fun playing sports that I can see I'll be spending a lot of time on the sidelines watching my little guy!
For me this week real is getting serious about weight loss and better personal health management. So we are going to start running again which for me works as an encouragement to eat less. I will be doing Couch to 5k Treadmill edition because we live out in the country with hogs that have horns and I ain't running with the bulls in Spain or the Hogs in Texas! I'm still looking for my 5K for the end of June or the 2nd week in July. I have both a personal goal and financial goal. The financial goal is that I have to lose about 13 pounds to get a discount on insurance. My personal goal is to be content in my own skin!  So here we go I'll probably log my progress on Sundays unless I find some fun link-up to join! In the mean time I am going to enjoy the weight loss wisdom of Yoda: "Do or do not. There is no try."

To find more everyday contentment each week you can mosey on over to: Like Mother, Like Daughter!

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Mystie said...

I did the couch to 5K program after my last baby. I hate running, but it was very effective! Persevere in it -- week 4 is hard, but if you push through, after that the changes are more rapid. But at least for me, muscle tone happened before much weight loss registered on the scale.

I'm planning on doing it again after my babymoon with #5. :)

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