Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A tale of twenty couches....

"She looks well to the ways of her household..." Proverbs 31:27

Okay, so maybe not 20 couches but that's what it feels like! For the past 16 years we have NEVER purchased a new couch. We have always purchased couches and furniture second hand from Craigslist or used furniture stores. We recently purchased a great sectional with a chaise that fit our whole family. but when I bought it I knew I would have to recover it because the fabric was thread bear. But alas I never did recover and then it began to fall apart. We all know little children can't help but rip what they see ripping. We finally ran out of sides to turn cushions and blankets to put over the couch so we threw it out and went to Craigslist....

No time to recover this poor thing!

This is the couch we purchased on craigslist, my idea was to dye the leather a dark reddish brown color however, alas this thing had bed bugs. Don't worry we did not get infested but we got bitten! So I literally pushed it out of the back door and then there was no couch for months.....

Bed bug couch...ugh

Well, the Lord provides! We waited until our tax return got here and because of our sweet friend we knew which discount furniture store to visit and we found this beauty on sale!

Our first new couch, EVER! I didn't even know they came in plastic.
Seriously as I look at these pictures I am so grateful for the Lord's provision because this couch is also motivating me to continue working hard on my "31 Days to a Clean House"  e-book that I purchased from here.  Now, before we bought this couch we had purchased the two above and we had gone through about 3 more couches in 4 years. We chose the material for our couch because of it's durability and with 5+ kids we need durable furniture. We spent from $60 - $170 per used couches if  it lasts 10-15 years like we hope we will spend less money on it then all the used ones! 

So, now we re-do our rooms, then I will show before & after pictures of our rooms when we are done.  So I guess I'll spend some time at The Nester, frugal decorating sites, Lowes Home Improvement (I'm refinishing the table seen in the is picture) Goodwill, Tuesday Mornings & any other frugal store I lay eyes on.  

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