Sunday, April 08, 2012

Watch Children are a Blessing Free (Until April 30th)

Since we have 5 kiddos I've been asked if I'm Amish (?!?!?!?), Pentecostal (because I love to wear skirts) & Catholic and folks are so disappointed to learn that I'm just a run of the mill big family loving Bible Believing Baptist. Those that read this blog or know our family are not going to be surprised by the fact that we love this video. You know we love big families and that when the doctor announced the end of my childbearing we moved to adopt. We are currently getting ready to start fostering to adopt again, hopefully sometime this month.

"Perhaps the reason that I watched this DVD with tears in my eyes is because I feel a heavy burden for thousands of Christians who believe the lie and refuse the eternal blessing of children in exchange for perceived physical and/or material comfort. Perhaps it is because, despite my efforts, I will never be able to communicate the indescribable heights of love, joy and peace that arise from willingly accepting the gifts which God chooses to send. Perhaps it’s simply because the film brings with it remembrance of our merciful and gracious God who has showered blessing upon blessing on our undeserving family."

So this month you can watch this movie for free! I hope you enjoy it and please do let me know what you think about the movie after you've had a chance to view it.

Big families are a lot of work but the reward is worth it, even though it overwhelms other people who look in from the outside.I remember that "I have chosen the way of truth;Your judgments I have laid before me.." Psalm 119:30

They really articulate the position better then I can and as Mr Moore says several times "What saith the scripture?"

I hope your family enjoys this free family friendly movie.

Big Family Blessings!

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