Thursday, April 05, 2012

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Finding contentment in the everyday!


Although this is not the best picture this is a lamplight dinner. We eat by lamp light a couple nights a week right now. The kids think it's the best, the grown ups like it too!

Bullet with bows at the piano recital which was Sunday Afternoon .

Bullet at the recital with the bows and the big smile...priceless. This recital was going on while we were enjoying our stay at the hospital with Bubba.


 That is the same girl with the bows in the above picture playing in a very muddy portion of our 'pond' and what she is holding is a mud baby. Her mud baby which she later brought into the house and put under her bed. My dear husband announced if that thing gets up and starts running around like some kind of Golum she was going to be in trouble! We watched too much sci fi when we were young!
Bullet & Sugar pie making more members for their mud family.


This is the dance-a-thon which broke out to "This little light of mine". which was followed by the baby drag. Yes, Mama was dancing too!;)

Baby dragging is a favorite pass time of the littles & bigs even though it sometimes ends with a startled  baby toppling out of the blanket.


Both are a little too real for me! The snake which was relaxing on our front walk we determined was a Texas Rat Snake. He is deceased in this picture because he got a little to close (like on the same 5 acres)  to my babies.

 This is Bubba we went to the hospital this week with this little guy. He has Reactive Airway Disease and this is the night before we headed to the hospital for a lovely 2 day stay. He is such a trooper this is his 4th trip to the hospital in less then a year. Look at his little face he just looks resigned to his fate doesn't he?
As for us we'll be taking it easy and staying around the house while we rest and recuperate from our hospital visit and recent illness.
Join the fun at Like Mother Like Daughter as we all seek to 'capture contentment' in our everyday!

May the Lord Jesus Bless you today and everyday!


Mama Bear, JD said...

I think it is sometimes hard to tell from the markings and I probably would have killed that snake too! Ratsnakes will bite and they have lots of bacteria in their mouths, so I subscribe to the "the only good snake is a dead snake" philosophy at our house! We have rattlesnakes in my area and though we've never had one in the yard, I fear the first time. God Bless your little baby man!

Tracy C. said...

Oh poor baby. I have kids with RAD and it is so pitiful to see.

I love the baby dragging, made me lol!

texasmcvays said...

Oh yes we have 4 dangerous snakes around here: Copperhead, Water Mocciasin, Rattlesnake & Coral snake. I agree a dead snake is a good snake. We have too many little folks around here! Thank you Bubba is still wheezing but he is much better then he was last weekend. He is sure is a blessing!

texasmcvays said...

Yep, Tracy the baby dragging is indeed very entertaining! RAD is not fun, especially with this one he goes down hill so fast. I praise God for the lessons that we learning as walk this road with our little guy!

Unknown said...

I'm here from Like Mother, Like Daughter's linkup, and I have to say that my daughter saw your pictures of your daughters creating their masterpieces in the mud and was twenty kinds of jealous. She is the resident mud scupltress around here, and always enjoys seeing fellow enthusiasts.

texasmcvays said...

Well Cari I'm glad we can provide inspiration for the next generation of Christian Scupltresses!

Blair said...

What a beautiful family! I love the mud baby. Hope your little guy is feeling better very soon!

KMantoan said...

Mud babies; excellent. I can only provide my kids with driveway dust and sand (mixed with feral cat poo) as artistic mediums. I just try to convince myself all that "creativity" is good for their immune systems. Good to know there's other moms out there willing to let their kids get good and dirty. Glad I stopped by. :)

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