Monday, November 07, 2011

Mayborn Mueseum

Severa Saturdays ago we went to the Mayborn Museum in Waco. I would consider this a combination of a children's, natural science & science museum. We went to see the Lost Egypt Exhibit which included a real mummy!

 They had lots of interactive activities for the children so I girls spent a lot of time in a small space experimenting with the activities. After we finished in the traveling exhibit we headed out to explore the rest of the library. First stop the trains...

Then to the discovery rooms where we played with starfish...

Dressed up like folks around the world

Played with bubbles

We went down stairs to what they termed giant dioramas of the Texas wildlife, Pioneer times and a cast from a Mammoth.

Throughout this area of the museum the children were rewarded with 'Chik-fil-a points' for every evolutionary idea they found. We reward them with Chik-fil-a dinners for finding examples of character in the Bible. McDaddy expanded it to include the museum exhibits so we can encourage our children to think critically.

Well, that's pretty much it for our field trip to the Mayborn Museum in Waco. I think the entire museum experience it is definitely worth the trip because the kids said repeatedly how much fun they were having at the museum. However, I do not think the Lost Egypt Exhibit was particularly exemplary, it was ,however, very interesting.

The Mayborn is basically a supped up children's museum with a lot of interesting exhibits. The bottom floor seems to be focused more at the Sugar Pie crowd while the upstairs is focused on the elementary aged children. I think the exhibits may be a little too young for you run of the mill middle school students.The traveling exhibits add depth to the museum trip. You should plan on spending several hours at this museum.

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The Adventurer said...

What a great trip, everyone looked like they had fun. You have beautiful girls and so photogenic too:) thanks for linking up to the field trip hop and sharing your adventure.

Chestnut Grove Academy said...

what an awesome museum! Thanks for sharing with us at FTF!!

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