Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up (week 6)

Well, this week no more lamenting the hectic schedule that I have created for myself instead I am going to just going to enjoy all of the sweet moments we have! I'm going to try to forget that there was so much dust on one of my ceiling fans that as I crossed the room I thought it was snowing!

the eye
So this weeks Weekly wrap up I am focusing on our Unit Study and the Science Resource. This week we learned how God see's differently then we see. The Bible verse for this book is: "Upon seeing the multitudes he went up into the mountains..." it is found in Matthew 5:1. In our science resource we are studying the eye.

Since in our Unit Study we will be studying a variety of things in the body I decided to purchase The Body Book by Scholastic. The projects in The Body Book are all photocopies and I personally find projects like this are easier for me to complete versus projects where I have to gather a myriad of supplies.
Cornea, pupil

I really enjoy doing read alouds and a few hands on projects with the kids which breaks up the independent study the children do most of the day and week.

The kiddos also really enjoy projects and this was no exception. They got to assemble and label each portion of the eye. They first cut out the various parts of the eye. We carefully followed the directions provided by The Body Book for assembly. Once the eye is assembled they can flip through it exploring the different parts of the eye. Mistakes of course were made which were an opportunity to encourage the children in their work and gently remind them of the importance of paying attention to details.
Blood Vessel & lens

This was our first project while studying the eye and was meant to familiarize them with parts of the eye. I think that we accomplished this in a fun an thorough way.

Retina (I hope)
Week in Review: As I mentioned last week we are really busy and its mostly because of our many hours spent in various therapies. We have 3 therapy appointments each week for 3 of the kids. This week these appointments have been pretty spread out with the therapists coming on different days and staying for up to 2 hours. Although the twins therapists come later in the day this still has been disruptive to our
optic nerve
 homeschool because I often spend time cleaning instead of schooling! So I think I will earnestly attempt to have the therapy appointmentss on the same day of the week. So we can have some sort of regular routine around here.

This week we also had art lessons and  Sweetie gave me the most glorious pumpkin. She had focused on the different colors found in a pumpkin and in grass and it was obvious that she had worked so diligently on it! I promptly put it in the living room as homemade fall decor! 

Thanks for coming by and even if you don't leave a comment leave me a like just to let me know you were here! I hope your school year is going well. 

May the Lord Bless you and your schoolroom!

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