Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up(week 5): ECI, Softball & busy bees

I feel like each year I homeschool is another year of growth. I am grateful the Lord doesn't just give it all to you at one time. I think I would drown. This year has been no exception. 

Bubba with Carol doing PT

 This has been an extremely busy year by choice. It is so busy because 3 of our 5 kiddos are receiving some sort of therapy. So ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) comes out to our house 1-2 per week to do physical therapy/Occupational Therapy  with the twins. Bubba is not walking, he crawls (fast!), pulls up, walks along the furniture, he can stand up in the middle of the floor, squat and stand on tip toes but no walking.  Shoo Shoo does not crawl she only scoots on her bottom. If she does not crawl this can cause developmental delays in her academics specifically reading. It's critical she masters opposite leg & arm movements. So after therapy I dedicate about 15-30 minutes each day to do home exercises with each child. This week we had two appointments with ECI. The first appointment Bubba qualified for Therapy  and this appointment was about 2 hours long the second appointment Bubba & Shoo for Physical Therapy which also lasts for nearly 2 hours.

 We go to town on Tuesdays for Peyton's Speech Therapy which last 1 hour and we drive about an hour round trip to participate. I also need to dedicate another 10 minutes a day to review her therapy sheets with her. Up to this point I have been remiss in doing so!

Our little Slugger!
We have art every other Wednesday and we had been going into town early with Dad but now that the truck is fixed we will have a more leisurely departure time. But still no school work will be completed until Wednesday afternoon. I think art has been a wonderful experience for the children. Like all things we McVay's do we are not sure if we will continue with this next year but this year it's been wonderful.

On Thursdays we have Piano practice for our 3 students at our home from 10 am until about 12:15 pm.  We love our teacher Ms. Bethany and she stays and has lunch with us! We get to catch up with her and her family and we cherish our sweet friendship with Ms. Bethany.

Now I think if this was it although it is quite a bit I'd be fine. However, we added one final thing to our schedule, Softball. Since for the past several of weeks Wayne's truck has been out of service he just fixed it today. So up until today we had to co-ordinate everything with 1 vehicle living 20 minutes outside of town. that was a little difficult at times to say the least. Softball has 3 practices/games each week. This last week we also had Opening Ceremonies so that made it 4 days!
The twins...

Then just when think the waters are calm I am reminded of the 2 trips to the hospital in the past 6 months with Bubba and his R.A.D. it seems just as we get into a groove we get tend to get de-railed! It helps me to remember that my plans should be his plans and that my plans are just are always dependent up the Lord being willing. But let me tell you there's nothing that takes the wind out of your sails quite like a couple of days in the hospital! 

So as I am laying in bed completely exhausted reviewing our week I can see why I am so tired. I hope you are all happily homeschooling just not as busy!

POSTSCRIPT: Well my laptop died and I missed the link up because now I only have limited access to my hubby's computer. But since I participate in the weekly wrap up each week to keep a record of of our school days for the children I still wanted to record our goings ons!

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Autismland Penny said...

I got tired just reading that! I can commiserate with the 1 car dilemma.

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