Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up- Hospital Schooling & Softball

Well, this was certainly an exciting week, a little too exciting for me in fact.

Monday -On Monday we took Bubba to the doctor's off ice for RAD. I had actually called them that morning to let them know we were headed to the the emergency room and they suggested we go by their office. Shortly after we arrived the doctor smiled and said which hospital would you like to go to? After that we checked into St J's one of our local hospitals with Bubba. He received multiple nebulizer treatments, oxygen, antibiotics, IV fluids and steroids. I had packed school work for the girls the girls, yes you heard that right they did school work in the hospital. If you think I'm sitting in a small room with 5 kids that have nothing to do you've got another thought coming!

Tuesday: We were still in the hospital. Sugar Pie stayed the night in the hospital with us. The rest of the crew arrived around 10 am with ALL of my requests and Kolaches! :) After we ate I again had the kids start on their schoolwork. While we were in the hospital I didn't take school seriously I just wanted them to have something constructive to do. In the middle of the day our friend Meg from church took the bigs to go play at the park and get rid some of that nervous energy. By the end of this day Bubba was doing much better and we were released in the afternoon. We stopped by the doctors office, dropped off prescriptions and headed home. Then Sugar Pie went to her second softball practice.

Wednesday - NO SCHOOL!!! We cleaned and did laundry most of the day. Then Shoo had her PT visit from Early Childhood Intervention. It was so wonderful, okay not really, she screamed most of the time. But I have great hope for her to start crawling. Because crawling is so important in developing L-R reading skills. We also decided to stay home and regroup and reconnect as a family so we had an impromptu softball practice for Sugar Pie and of course it was a family affair.

Thursday & Friday - The last two days of the week were pretty normal days. We had Piano lessons on Thursday and we were back to school after a day off to recover. Although Mama was not totally focused on school as Bubba was still receive frequent nebulizer treatments.Friday we had a pretty full day of school although we will have our teacher meetings on Saturday and I will be planning for next week.

Really in retrospect this week really reminds me that His ways are higher then my ways and His plans are Higher then my plans. Even though I have all these plans the Lord is in control and we will complete the tasks he wants us to. My job is really to just stay focused on him and the tasks at hand. This weeks big topics is McSports
Both McDaddy and I played College Sports, football & soccer respectively. We have always enjoyed athletic activities and McDaddy has decided that our kids are allowed to play one team sport per year. We decided to limit sports participation for a couple of reasons:
  1. We normally have family devotions at night and they are a priority and we do not want to have a lot of time away from the house thus missing devotions. However, right now we are having morning devotions because my DH is a football official in the fall and rarely home at night.
  2. We have decided a home-cooked dinner together as a family is a priority.
  3. We live 20-25 minutes from town
  4. We have 5 kids limited time & money
  5. Right now we only have one vehicle
This is our first year playing in a city sports. We have always played UPWARDS but UPWARDS does not have a softball team. So for the fall I am a city softball Mama and I'm looking forward to seeing Sugarpie play her little heart out! Sorry there aren't any softball pictures but due to Bubba's illness I haven't yet made it out to practice to take a truly ridiculous amount of pictures!!

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SarahinSC said...

Kolaches??!!! My grandmother used to make them and I don't think I've heard/read that word in at least 10 years. Thanks for reminding me!

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