Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Health Camp Waco Burger Joint

We love a good hamburger and we will go out of our way to try one. After the Mayborn museum we ate at "The Health Camp" a Waco burger joint. It sells a large greasy burger, fries and shakes. It serves typical burger joint food. In the 50's Elvis as a regular customer at the Health Camp. The place has great ambiance, hole in the wall type of ambiance. Seriously, isn't that the cutest building! The hamburger's were good, big and greasy but not as good as Chicken Oil in College Station, TX. I do not think the buns are homemade and we did not get lettuce or tomatoes with the burgers. The French fries were plain perhaps it's because they do not salt them, none the less the kids refused to eat them without ketchup. Also, the size they showed me one size when I ordered large french fries and gave me a smaller size. I asked if it was a mistake and she said no that was the size I get.  The shakes however are amazing and they have a huge variety we had peach and cherry. Cherry was exceptional! As far as price for a burger place I thought it was a bit expensive for 6 burgers, 4 fries & 2 Malt Shakes it was right at $45 (we ended up dipping into our personal money to pay). All in all I'd give this place an average rating and we will check out some other burger places when we visit Waco in the future.

I'll create a label so you can easily access our burger reviews and please let us know of awesome burger places where you are so we can visit them when we are in your neck of the woods!

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