Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Return of 52 weeks of organizing: buffet & wooden puzzles

So I have found that I do not organize with as much zest without my weekly organizing post. So I hope to participate in the 52 weeks of organizing for the rest of the year so I can get this house into shape and ready to sell & this will make moving much easier to move!

This weeks project the buffet...Unlike many folks we really use our buffet to serve dinner. I store all of our paper products in the buffet along with the cloth napkins in the drawer. On top of the buffet is a basket purchased at Goodwill for about $2 with our silverware. I never really organized it when we started using it for storage so here is the result.

buffet before
 So this is what something looks like if Mama never steps in to organize. They have creatively stuck stuff every-which-a-way!
buffet after
So here is the buffet after the re-organization. I removed some serving platters we never used and the coffee carafes we rarely use and put them in an upper kitchen cabinet.  We took the cups from the pantry and put them in the buffet. I found out we have 2 big boxes of spoons, we rarely use plastic spoons so those should last a while. In the corner are table cloths for the table, most of the varnish is off of our table so we are using table cloths to have a sanitary surface to eat off of and to avoid purchasing a new table. The wooden box in the corner is a napkin holder which is full of neatly stacked paper napkins.

I also bought a wood puzzle organizer, unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the drawer the puzzles were kept in before. We have several small/oddly shaped puzzles that don't just slide into place. I am still please with the purchase and it is definitely a much better solution then when they were in the drawer. We used to pull out the puzzle then find the pieces that go with it, this is much better even with little puzzles piled on top.

Well, I hope everyone else is becoming more organized day by day...to see more folks organizing their homes over 52 weeks you can go to Orgjunkie.

1 comment:

Bethany said...

I like the new puzzle organizer! :D

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