Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - Planning, Prep & a party!

I do not have a cute project to share with you this week unless you'd like to look at my Homeschool Tracker main page! HA!

CUMC Hymn Festival picture by Bullet!

Monday - The day was spent intermittently typing up lesson plans in homeschool tracker. I also reviewed unit study plans for the Wisdom Books and wrote out a few more details in my handwritten unit planner so I'd will be ready for Monday! I couldn't decide if I wanted to write out lessons or use Homeschool Tracker. I decided to do both! HS tracker is an excellent lesson planner for the 3R's plus a couple. But for the Unit Study I am going to stick with my old fashioned planner that I can easily tote places and work on lesson plans. Then I went through the box of curriculum that arrived on Saturday and put it away. We also had a lovely tea party where I we restarted our Read-Aloud Freedom Train (which by the way is excellent) which I would really like to finish before Monday!

Tuesday - Again I am still adding Lesson plans to homeschool tracker. I began adding curriculum to the girls baskets for Monday. They each have individual baskets that hold their school books, charts and the like.I am also gathering everything I will need to copy on Saturday. The gathering of materials to copy is always more involved then it sounds. I have to remember to copy the hymns on the back of the WB's, IEW packets, history notebook, reports etc... It's those little things I'm worried about forgetting. But hopefully by Saturday I'll have it all ready! Finally, I signed the girls up for a variety of Piano Recitals and Musical Ministry opportunities. As I am writing this I am wondering if they got into their art class and I'm shooting the art teacher a quick e-mail.

Wednesday- Each year our church has a Watermelon fellowship and baptisms. First we worship then we baptize and finally we eat watermelon. There are 3 churches that participate in this event each year and it's a wonderful time of friends & fellowship.

Thursday - Off to see one of Sweeties Specialists in Houston the opthomologist for her annual eye exam.  While we were in Houston we went on our second field trip of the year to the Houston Weather Museum.

Friday - We rescheduled our piano lessons for today! We are going to complete our first day of school activities, Pictures, tea and review of curriculum!

Saturday - Today is Sugar Pie's swimming Birthday Party! After which I will go back into town with Bullet to make copies for Monday. Since I feel asleep after the birthday party I had to go to a more expensive copy place. After which, Bullet & I capped off our one on one time with a stop at Sonic. I also plan to watch several YouTube videos on phonics done by a specialist.

To find out what other homeschoolers around the country are up to you can check them out at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers!

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Matt Conrad said...

Hey, if you're not fully committed to HST, you might check out our alternative HS record keeping software:

It's a different approach than HST--it's meant to record your activities after the fact, rather than preplanning them. It doesn't have as many features as HST, but it is quicker and easier to learn and use.

If you really want a software planner, you'll probably prefer HST. But if (like us), you do most of your advance planning on paper anyway, you might like Day Book as a way to summarize what actually happened.

There's a free trial download. We've got a special running where bloggers can get a free license, too. :)

Happy homeschooling--


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