Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hey Andrew! Teach me Some Greek!

So next year we are returning to many tried and true curriculum that our family has used  and enjoyed. However, like most homeschoolers we have a couple of new things that we are going to try this year. For us one of them is Hey Andrew! Teach me some Greek!  from Greek & Stuff. I finally found most of the curriculum used on line and it arrived yesterday. This curriculum teaches New Testament Greek, includes flashcards, a reader & pronunciation CD. I hope to learn some Greek along with the kiddos.We will start studying Greek in our Bible Study and one of our curriculum next year will also involve Greek Study. So what's new in our homeschool is actually dead!

So what new curriculum is your family starting next year?


Anonymous said...

Hi,I homeschooled my children for the end of the school year when we moved to California 4 months ago. I am looking into curricula for the coming school year. Any suggestions?

texasmcvays said...

Hi Shannon!
We are originally from California and our families are still there in San Diego (Poway) & Sacrameto. Homeschool Curriculums are such a personal family choice. I can tell you some of the curriculum we have enjoyed and liked...first how old are your children and is there a particular method of homeschooling you like? Kyle @ RH

Anonymous said...

Hi there Texas!
Its a small world! We live 20 minutes from Sacramento in Roseville, California.
There are some great options for homeschoolers here. I think I am opting in for the VISIONS homeschooling charter school option. With the public funding the children would otherwise get from public school, we will be able to pick a curriculum that they will pay for and it can be a christian based perspective. Abeka has been the only curriculum I knew of.
I am just learning about different home-school methods, this is exciting! I am planning to use doorposts as my bible and character lessons. I have been teaching the children Italian with Library CDS although they arent that interested. But Visions will allow you to buy Rosetta Stone if you chose too. Maybe they will enjoy it more. Greek is very interesting. They will learn how to read the bible in Greek. What a blessing!

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