Saturday, April 02, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: changes in store

This has been a rather unusual week for our little school . We have not accomplished all the work we had laid before us at the beginning of the week. We have continued to move forward in our schooling but we seem to be in a bit of a rut. Our lack of accomplishment is more Mom's fault then anything else. Being a little unmotivated & out of sorts (I think due to our recent travels) on top of that I restarted PT for my knee and its been really rough.

Bullet on the soccer pitch (field)

So I guess this week we'll feature our extra curricular activities. We have 3 activities our family is involved in this semester which is rather unusual for us, we normally just have piano. So Bullet & Sugar Pie take art & play soccer, and all three of the bigs take piano lessons. As far as the babies there was a time when I probably would have felt guilty for not having them in some sort of activities. That day has long since past I consider all the piano practicing and lessons at the house kinder music class for Bubba & Shoshoo.  

Monday - We had soccer practice this evening, we play Upwards Soccer. We choose Upwards because they have one practice per week and all the games are done by noon! It is well organized, they memorize a verse each week, there is a devotional at each practice & after the game children are awarded stickers (for effort, offense, defense, Christ likeness & sportsmanship). We coach our daughters teams and they practice at 6:00 & 6:30 which leaves the twins in the care of our children for 30 minutes.

Wednesday - Bullet & Sugar Pie have art lessons with Mrs. Linder and sweet little baby Sunshine. Bullet has shown an interest and an aptitude for art so we have decided to spend a semester cultivating her interest. The kiddos learned how to draw noses and they have really developed much better art skills under her tutelage. The children are learning how to sketch and after this class I will have to encourage them to continue practices.We'll have to do some before and after pictures if I can get my camera to co-operate.

Thursday - The kids had piano lessons with sweet Ms. Bethany to prepare for the recital this weekend. Bethany comes to out home early and helps me with anything I need help with. This week it was sorting and folding baby clothes. What a blessing she has been to our family! This is also Physical Therapy day where my physical torturer tries to further cripple me, by the way, he's good at what he does. I still can't walk and its Saturday!

Saturday - Well, this was an unusually full day for us! We had a 1k walk in the morning at which we won a $40 gift certificate to a local restaurant and 5 gallons of interior paint. We then caught the 2nd half of the  10:00 soccer game and sweet Bullet was able to play a shift (We missed our 9 am game altogether due to the Rey/Rey race). After the soccer game we went home ate lunch and got ready for the 2:30 piano recital. the girls played well but sweet Bullet said she was so nervous she played lots of wrong notes. :) We also fit in a late night spelling test for our eldest child in which she did very well!

Children & Teachers who participated in the recital

This my heart has been moved to re-evaluate a few of our homeschool practices and curriculums. After reading Raising Olives 6 homeschool directives I really began to think about our homeschool. A school year that I have been very pleased with in which we have accomplished a lot. A year in which I had dug my heels in and said I will buck the trend, I will make my own way. I know the Lord has guided my steps this year and I am not living in condemnation but I am recognizing that He has something different for me this year. They have the same basic goal we have and as Wayne and I discussed their distinctive we of course did not agree with all of them. Otherwise we'd be 'Raising Olives' but we agreed with many of them and their reasoning behind them. Thus we are looking at what we are doing to meet our goals and if our school is reflective of our beliefs. As we begun to look at next year we have a lot to ponder. s

May the Lord bless you  and your school this week!


MissMOE said...

Great post. It seems to be that time of year when many feel like they are simply plodding along. Great time to re-evaluate and make changes for not only this year, but the year to come.

Autismland Penny said...

Fun extra curricular activities. Thanks for the link. I really needed to read that right now as we have had to step back on academics to serve my mom who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

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