Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up - Pneumonia Schooling


Welcome to this edition of weekly wrap-up entitled "Pneumonia Schooling" at Roosterhill Academy! Yes, although we normally have a  pretty productive homeschool, we barely had school at all last week we only completed about a 1/4 day on Monday.
Monday:We started  Monday out by participating in the last day of the Great Backyard Bird Count. We saw Vultures, Yellow belly Sapsuckers and more during our hour of birdwatching. We were also the only ones in our city to participate!
Then we were off to the doctors office for Mama & Tubba Bubba (boy twin). While we were there my oldest child kicked off a shoe revealing to the doctor an infected foot!  So, Tubba, Big girl and Mama all went off to the pharmacy to get our prescriptions for 2 infected feet (Oldest girl stepped all the way down on a nail & I scratched the tar out of the side of my foot while hiking in Tevas) & an ear infection.  

Grandma playing games with the bigs.

But after the doctors visit our day was looking up because on Monday afternoon the grandparents arrived at our home in Texas from California. We love to spend time with my folks they normally play games with the kids, have tea parties and read them loads of books! So this is a much anticipated time by the whole family.

Tuesday: This day was pretty uneventful. We went into town and my parents took us to Red Lobster for lunch. Wayne meet us at the restaurant and we had a wonderful time. After Red Lobster we went to HEB (grocery store) to get lots of fresh fruits and veggies that my Dad loves. When we got home Grandma mentioned the fact that Sho-sho (girl twin) was pulling at her ears while we were driving. I remembered she was crying a lot during diaper changes so we suspected another ear infection. After this discussion we ate dinner and and watched a movie as a big ole family and went to bed.

Wednesday: I was planning on taking Sho-sho to the doctor and my husband had some suspicions about little coughing Sugar Pie. Sure enough Sugar Pie had pneumonia and Sho-sho had an ear infection! Since the diagnosis Sugar Pie was FORCED (seriously I was considering chains to keep the kid on the couch.)  to stay on the couch the next two days. She has been getting nebulizer treatments about every 4 hours.  In between nebulizer treatments Grandma & Grandpa taught the kids how to play Mancala on the bedroom floor. They also announced they would be leaving a day early in the morning.

Thursday: Well, on Thursday we took pictures with the grandkids and the grandparents. Then my parents (my Dad is 79 who can blame him for leaving the pneumonia house?) packed up and left a day early.

Friday: Today is Friday I am going to have a full cup of coffee before I start my day no matter what's going on in the morning. But alas more news Tubba Bubba is wheezing & Parks  is sniffling and coughing so we'll be calling the doctor today. Hopefully the antibiotics he is on for the ear infection would prevent him from getting pneumonia?!?!?  Nope! I LOVE my doctor we didn't even have to go in he called in the prescriptions since we'd already been in twice that week! They changed Tubba's  prescription and we got 4 more prescriptions, we are up to 10 prescriptions and this is an all-time McVay record! We wanted to make sure we got our prescriptions home by noon so they could be on their prescriptions for at least 24 hours, so they could attend a birthday party on Saturday!

This is also the day I went insane, because I thought I was going to be able to complete a full day of school and to finish some of the work left undone on Monday. This did not happen! Still, however, I am rejoicing in the fact that at least they are all sick at the same time instead of one after the other, because that could drag on for weeks. 

We are now up to 10 medications!!
So on Friday we'll watch School House Rock History, Duggars and I'll read some of our read-aloud. We will just do little stuff they will enjoy while they all have running walking pneumonia!

One good thing on the homeschool front is that due to all of this illness I have had a chance to think more about History for next year. I have even called some of the different options we are looking at to clarify their programs. Though I am leaning toward Winter Promise I am also considering Sonlight, Story of the World & Tapestry of Grace. Although I am not sure I am thinking straight, so its really good that we don't start buying stuff until we get our tax return anways.

So I hope that your week was more productive then mine!Happy Schooling!


Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

I hope everyone is feeling better ASAP!

Joesette said...

Good hooglie mooglie that's a lot of pneumonia!! We just had the standard "it's a virus it will pass" line from our doctor when we went in with a 105 fever.

Hopefully everyone will be feeling better soon!

Elizabeth said...

Ugh. Pneumonia is no fun. When we have weeks like that I spend a lot of time giving thanks that my kiddos are home with me and we don't have to worry about them falling behind in school.

Praying everyone is better soon!

Unknown said...

Blessings to your family!! So sorry!


MissMOE said...

Oh I'm sorry to that you are all sick. But I'm impressed with your super attitude. Take it easy and get well.

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