Saturday, November 06, 2010


Its quiet in the house right now. Well, not silent the three eldest children are running about doing this and that. But both of the twins are asleep, a welcome change a nice treat for a tired mama. So I am sitting on the front porch in the cool air  and I cannot remember the last time I sat in these chairs. I am enjoying a moment of solitude surrounded by sweet blessings.

In the still you notice everything. The grey brown moth on the kitchen window the yellowing trees.The slow still breeze that smells like grass and gently sways the trees.

Funny though because even now the housework is always marching on the two girls are slopping the chickens and one is hanging napkins on the drying racks and I am slowly browning the ground beef we'll need for the next three weeks. But nothing is pressing nothing is pushing me forward or rushing me.

I think I 'll work in the flower bed and the garden today.  I wish  dear Wayne was here enjoying the simple breeze and sipping pumpkin coffee and making me laugh in the middle of the afternoon. I hope everyone is enjoying God's creation this Fall. I think this is my favorite season. Now where are those pumpkin cookies?

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