Friday, June 25, 2010

Saving money using dryer balls (Septic Safe*Green*Frugal!)

These are dryer balls. You've probably been using them for years but I am not a first acceptor. So I have had my dryer balls for about 5 months. I was skeptical but I bought them because I wanted to save money on dryer sheets. I bought 3 balls at Wal-Mart for $4.97. Let me tell you these things work really well our clothes come out nice and soft as if a fabric softener was used.  These balls are also perfect for your septic system because I am prohibited from using liquid fabric softener in the septic system. So I am no longer buying Fabric Softener. I may need to buy a couple of balls each year but this is nice little savings from the fabric sheets that I was previously using. So I would like to encourage you to buy a couple of these things and try them out in your dryer and see if you can't make the switch!
So the recap:
Septic Users: Eliminates all fabric softeners from entering your system
Frugal Crowd: Saves money eliminating the expense of buying fabric softener.
Green Crowd: Eliminates Fabric Softener sheets and the liquid can also order more expensive pvc free ones if you just look around on line.


Brandi tejeda said...

arent they great? May I suggest wool dryer balls? You can buy them scented with your favorite EO...ours smell like lavedar. YUMMY!! :)

You can also use vinegar in place of fabric softner. Its a good idea to do this every now and then with your bath towels anyway...helps remove the detergent buildup.

Carpio Family said...

ok, 2 thing. We don't use fabric softener on many of our things due to easton escema, it's not bad but detergent/softner can def make it worse.

1) i use vinegar on almost all my loads. it help maintain colors, removes smells, and softens clothes. I put it in my downy ball and throw it in the washer.

2) I have had our dryer balls since before we had charity in our house. so what about 2 years?? So they last a long while. and work fab!! oh but don't squeeze them(when they're soft form the heat), sure they will go right back, but the next time you use them they crumble.

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