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Homeschooling Rooms or School rooms or Homeschool Rooms...

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Well, I e-mailed some friends and asked them to post pictures of their rooms on their blogs and I received permission to post pictures from some busy summer bees on my blog. I have also linked this post to a couple of blogs so I could have a variety of homeschool rooms, spaces & places for you to explore. I am hoping to reveal that no matter the space you can have a wonderful homeschool room/area. I wish my friend Kim blogged because she has made wonderful use of a tiny corner in her living room in which she has created wonderful educational environment for her son.

Rooster Hill Academy I

So Rooster hill Academy has been housed in two different houses (hopefully this is the last house). So this is how we homeschooled in the very first house we purchased. We schooled in the kitchen at the dining room table. The dresser is full of homeschool stuff and next to the dresser is a bookcase you can only barely see that has loads of books. The stereo which we use for audio learning is on top of the bookcase just below the number chart. I think the box on the table was a deliver from Amazon of more books!

This room was our dining room so every night we cleared off the table and ate and in the morning we got back to schooling! I really did not enjoy clearing the table for meals I am glad that I do not have to do that at Rooster Hill Academy II.

Rooster Hill Academy II

In 2008 we who hate moving, moved to our dream house in the country and thus a new homeschool area was established. This time we had decided to have a dedicated area, the breakfast nook. We have a round table we use for school and we do most of our morning schooling in this room. The afternoon reading is usually spent on the couch. We also have a fireplace in this room which adds warmth and comfort during the winter mornings.

We had a bookcase and storage area built into this room. We keep all of our current books in this book case. I purchase individual plastic baskets for each child at the .99 store and they keep all of their current homeschool books in the baskets.

Above the book case I store art, science. My goal for these is to add 3-5 baskets to the top to provide more attractive storage on top of the book case. It will also enable me to keep all subjects in one box: science, art, etc... On the top shelf is a space for science experiment supplies, art supplies, then 2 shelves for the teacher, a student shelf. Below that we store math manipulatives, preschool activities, paper & puzzles.

Last December I added these two big black bookcases from Wal-Mart (19.99 each) I was tired of walking all over the house looking for books in one of the many book cases around the house. Each shelf has a different subject: Language Arts, Reading, Science, Read Alouds(4 shelves), Christian/Bible, History& Literature I would like to add 3-5 baskets to the top to provide more attractive storage on top of the book case.

This room like my life is a work in progress. I'll try to post more pictures of it today so you can get a better look at our 'countrfied' homeschool room!

Every one's room and budget is different and keeping up with the Jones' is for the birds! :) My budget is small and spending $40 on some bookcases was a big deal! The Nester had a post in which she went around a room and revealed how much she spent on the different items. As a penny pincher that intrigued me and I may post something similar to that.

Inspiring rooms I found on the web....
I hope you get loads of inspiration from this page as you design your own homeschool room to fit the needs of your family. The most important thing to me is to keep things organized so I can find things easily and avoid unnecessary delays in our homeschool day.

Please add pictures of your homeschool rooms and areas if you have any on your blog. It doesn't need to be a recent post just a homeschool room.

Happy Schooling,

Rooster Hill Academy

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Phillip Winn said...

Hello Mrs. M! Your homeschool room is wonderful! Thank you for sending me a note, you are welcome to link to my homeschool post! Have a lovely weekend.

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