Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Six Weeks on One Week Off the Report!

We homeschool for six weeks on 1 week off year around. We take six straight weeks off during the summer and 3 weeks off during Christmas holiday. This is the week we reconnect as Mom and kids and I try to do something fun each day!
This is our cleaning day! But we still a had a picnic lunch in the back yard!

To the grocery store, Look I'm just gonna have to be honest with you folks. My people like to eat and we will not be having any kind of fun if there isn't plenty of food in the casa!But we promised to play games this day and little ...P-Doggie Dog stayed up late to play a super fun game the Maass' gave us for Christmas!


A field trip to producer's co-op & fun park play day with church friends

We played with the Baker children, yes we are so busy we have to schedule play time with our next door neighbors! We watched a movie until late at night! Mommy, Micah & kiddos played in a super hugeo-boojoe leaf pile the kids put together.


This day was ridiculous......The Benavides came for a visit in the morning and dropped off our baby turkeys, followed by Ellen Lemons and her daughter for a crotchet and play day! Then finally Ms. Jessica Bolding came by for dinner...Loads of fun! Then an episode of Daniel Boone!


Horseback Riding & Stump Grinding...we are going back to our regular schedule.

I am not as good as Heather at getting things planned but for our next week off I bet I do a little better. I wanted to go to lunch with Daddy this week but we never quite made it! I hope you are having loads of fun with your kiddos.


Anonymous said...

How cute! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

How cute! I love it!!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I like this idea of six weeks on, one week off. Maybe I'll try this for next school year! Thanks Kyle!

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