Saturday, September 06, 2008

What does a really cool $3 Christmas gift look like?

Periodically, I will reveal some of the great things I've found in my frugal ways. This is a really cool store that specialize in Early American Products so at the Texas Home School Convention I picked up 4 gifts from these folks for a total of $15!

Due to reading Pocahontas by D'Aluaire and our love of the Daniel Boone the TV show from the 1960's and my kids love to play Indian. So I purchased each of them a real leather headband that can be decorated with anything from a sharpie to some crafty stuff! $3 each!!!
Ever since we studied birds Peyton has been trying to write with a feather.She apparently thought that was the coolest thing ever! But chicken feather's don't work so well so she got a feather pen with an ink well.
My philosophy with gift buying is to get the person something I know they want or would truly appreciate. I write down ideas in my to-do book so I will remember. I'm not worried if a gift cost .10 or $20 as long as it is both within my budget and something that person will truly appreciate. I keep that scripture in mind that God gives us good gifts and I want my kids to know that good does not equal a lot of money....So many of us adults have blessings and money confused. The word says children are a blessing and let me tell you they cost a lot of money!

Rejoicing in the Deal, RH

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