Monday, September 08, 2008

Menu Maddness, what's cooking and Clearnce Corner

Monday Meal Plan Madness
....2 week edition!

Some fun stuff we will be cooking around the homestead.....
1. Vanilla Pear Jelly
2. Pear Pies
3. Pear Butter

Yes, Mrs. McCord found the mother load of pears and for some reason she thought I might enjoy them! She was sooooo right!

9/7 - Crockpot Italian Chicken with potatoes & carrots
9/8 - Seven Layer Tortilla pie & Mexican Salad with black berry cobbler (thanks Barney!)
9/9 - HOPE Group - Spaghetti
9/10 - CORE Group - Pear Pie
9/11 - Easy beef casserole
9/12 Welfare burgers, homemade baked french fries, peas
9/13 - Beef & broccoli
9/14 - Braised beef tips with mashed taters & pear crisp
9/15 - King Ranch Chicken with peas & homemade biscuits
9/18 - Chicken Chili with cornbread
9/19 - Urban Homemaker's Honey glazed chicken with rice & vegetable
HOPE Group - is a group meal and we have church members come over and we all contribute a part. CORE GROUP is a group meal, our church is planting a new church and we are in the church planting group. So I just provide a portion of the meal

Something great I found out is that our local Wal-mart puts all of their clearance items in the back in the dairy section on Saturday & Sunday! These items are on clearance because they are running out of shelf space. There is nothting wrong with them! What did I get on Clearance:

  • 20 pack of fruit roll-ups $1

  • Spaghetti .75

  • Spaghetti Sauce large jar .75 each

  • Organic Annies & Kraft Mac & Chesse .20 per box!

  • Van Camps Pork & Beans .20 per can

  • Oreo Cookies $1

Everything except the Oreo Cookies was on my shopping list. This was the Lord in action blessing our family. At the end of this trip I had $8 left and before the trip I put $5 in my Sam's club envelope! This was a good week at the store!


Mrs. H. said...

I am enjoying your blog! :-) Looking forward to meeting you on Friday.
Laurie aka "Mrs. H." :-)

pbmciver said...

Girl you found oreo's for $1.00!!! I am so shocked, lol. Those are my weakness (with a glass of milk, of course, lol.

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

Sounds like a good menu and you picked up some good bargains! I wonder if they have that clearance section at our Walmart? I will have to look for it.

pbmciver said...

Girl, wanted to tell you that you got me wanting oreo's. So, I know the prices of oreo's as we buy them fairly often at either walmart or when they are on sale at Kroger. They were just $2.50 at our little walmart and they are under $2.50 at the super walmart (probably not now though) but went to get some last night and they jumped up to $2.98 at the C.S. walmart - a .48 cent price hike is a pretty big hike in cookies! I was shocked - needless to say I left them sitting on the shelf. Guess we didn't need them that bad, lol.

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