Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Homeschool Preschool

Right now Pearsy is completing "About Three: A Beginning Activity Workbook for three or four year olds" and a book that Mama made for her that has the alphabet (from enchanted learning), shapes (enchanted learning) and numbers and it is meant as an introduction. We do things like stamp out letters & numbers with paint, make rice letters, color ,have her get two items, write in dirt/sand or rice, I may go into more detail in another post, cut out letters from news paper for her to paste on.

We love Rod & Staff's Kindergarten Program for our preschoolers once they are about 3 3/4 we will start the kids on these. Yes, Rod & Staff is very text bookie for older kids, mind you all R&S stuff is excellent. We just prefer more literature based education. But we love their preschool stuff because in the preschool they have a lot of hands on activities. I prefer to use an actual curriculum instead of the books found in the grocery store because it is more through and provides better preparation for school. This entire curriculum will cost you about $19.95!

We also do an Alphabet book & Numbers book for the children that I make up. I also maintain a notebook for the kids and in it I put all of their nursery color sheets, Awana's color sheets, Co-op sheets etc... so we keep that stuff and they love it. I also use file folders, dry erase boards and phonics magnets. If the kids have a Texas book, Konos notebook (spiral dedicated to unit study work or whatever) so do they and they do the work they 'want to' at their level in it! We want them to feel included in our school day. We try to let them be as hands on as possible. They also watch an educational video 1-2X a week like Richard Scarry's Alphabet

On top of that we read, read, read and then read some more. We read books off of the Ambleside Online O or K(or kindergarten) list. They sit in during our family read alouds during school and of course we read before bed (right now we are reading this great book Summer with the Moody's).

Our preschool rarely lasts longer then 30 minutes excluding family and older children reading times. It is often broken into two 15 minutes sessions. I try to keep in mind preschoolers are not made to sit and listen. Preschool is suppose to be FUN! So I try to maintain Montessori like activities for the little ones so their hands and minds stay engaged.

Thanks for peeking into our schoolroom!


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